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Friday is messy

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Well it’s Friday and the work day is almost done.  I may get to the weekend faster than my friends in the States but I also get Monday faster too.  It’s a win-lose situation.

I’ve spent part of the day packing up my personal items from my office to be shipped back to the St. Louis office.  My technical books and toys and decorations and paperwork and toys.  I have lots of toys.  It’s been kind of a sad day.

Which led to my activities at lunch time.  I skipped lunch to stay in my office like I often do and I drug out some writing.  I opened up a story that I had started back in February and edited/added about 500 words during my break.  Oddly enough, even though I went from 1,040 words to almost 1,500 words… the story didn’t get progressed at all.  I have an idea of where I think I want to go with it now.  Before I had just written the setup and had no idea what was going on or where it would end.  Now I think I’ve gotten that part ready.  I just have to remember it long enough to get it written.

But my point was that I was kind of sad about packing and that sparked me into writing.  I’m wondering if I only write when I’m sad?  I don’t think so though.  I blazed through the first four days of zombie stories and I don’t remember being sad then.  So I’m probably just jumping to conclusions.  Which, for those of you who know me, is very unlike me.  Yeah.

Anyway, hopefully I will get Chapter One of that story finished up pretty soon and unleash it on everyone here.  Or I may wait till I get a few chapters written so I don’t leave everyone hanging like I did with the zombie stories.  I will finish those zombie stories some day.  At least the ones I have outlined already.  I just haven’t been inspired on those like I was before.  Not sure what was different then but I wish I could duplicate it.  That was awesome.

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