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Hump day

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

It’s Wednesday of my second week back in the St. Louis office and things are going fine I suppose.  I’m spending about half my day working on issues and projects for Asia Pacific and the second half of my day working on getting up to speed on new projects.  Nothing too difficult but very time consuming.  A few deadlines are arriving faster than I’d anticipated but I think we can manage.  I hope.

We bought a new car on Friday night after work.  I’ll post more details about that as well as some pictures later.  I don’t have them with me right now.

Work and Cars

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Well, it is Friday morning and I’ve survived my first work week back here in Saint Louis.  The jet lag has been hitting me pretty hard as it usually does when I’ve flown back to the States.  But I was doing pretty good yesterday and feel pretty good today.  I’ve had a persistantly random cough of the phlegmy nature since the flights which also isn’t too unusual for me travelling long distances.  The people in the office are a bit concerned that I brought SARS back with me.  I tell them they are just being silly.  It’s Bird Flu.

I’m planning on leaving work today and venturing up into the unknown wilderness known as St. Peters to buy a car.  I’m sure there are ogres and dragons that far away from civilization but there are also a ton of car dealerships so it’s still rather convenient.  I’ve got an orange Mitsubishi Lancer GTS being held for me to buy tonight.  It’s pretty damn nice.  I’ll get some pics snapped maybe this weekend while it’s still all clean and shiny.


Thursday, July 31st, 2008

My replacement has been here in Hong Kong for a few days now.  The training is going along swimmingly I suppose.  There’s a lot to cover.  I don’t think I’ve talked this much…  well… ever.

Some of the things I tell him he already knows.  I think some of the things come as genuine surprises.  It’s not an easy job.  Usually.

Met with him in Wan Chai for a few beers tonight on my way home.  Now it’s late and I have a headache.  More to do tomorrow.

Medicine and sleep.

The ethics of joke writing

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Wow, that title sounds impressive.

To be honest, which I mostly am, I do not write the jokes that get posted on this site.  Anyone who bothers to read all the crap e-mail their so-called friends and family will already know that.  I cherry pick my favorites from the billions of jokes floating about the internet.  Often I find myself editing them for spelling, grammar, formatting and sometimes content because refinement is not always a bad thing.  I mean let’s face it – not all jokes are good.  However sometimes I’ll run across an absolute crap joke that has a good idea that can be fixed.  I still don’t claim the jokes as mine when I do that, but I like to think I bring the quality up a notch or so at least.

On the other hand, the jokes at A Little Scary are mostly my own.  There have been two instances where I took a funny conversation from the now defunct site and adapted them into a format and relevance to fit the comic.  And as long as that old overheard conversation website stays down, I can claim those jokes as mine still.  But it also sucks because it was the original overheard conversation site on the web and it was a great source of motivation.  I mean seriously… people are really stupid sometimes.  I’m living proof.

One upcoming comic is actually an old e-mail joke adapted to fit the comic strip format of A Little Scary.  The punch line is the same, but everything else was created new for the strip.  I’d like to think that I can claim that as my own because 95.8% of the content is created by me if you count the “artwork” as well.

So if you’re still reading this post, you’re probably starting to fidget and wondering what my point is.  Well, I have to be honest: I really don’t know.  I guess the point is that you should always give credit where credit is due.  This is true in general as well as at work and in dealing with everything and anything.  If you feel you can only get ahead by taking credit for other people’s work then you really need to admit that to yourself and take a step back and decide if that’s really who you want to be.  Nobody likes a fake.  Not even other fakes.  And no matter how good you are at faking it, there’s no substitute for making something yourself, something you can be proud of and honestly feel good about with no regrets.  Nothing can top that.

In case you’re wondering, no I’m not writing this because someone has wronged me in some way.  I’m just sharing a small part of what makes me tick, so to speak.  I think it’s an important life lesson that most people have been on one side of or the other but it seems to get overlooked.  People often miss the big picture because they are either too busy trying to keep up the illusion or too busy being depressed or mad that someone took credit for their work.

No of course the zen thing for me to tell you at this point is to be the better person when you find yourself being taken advantage of in a situation like this.  That would be the proper way to handle things.  But to hell with that.  If someone takes credit for my work I get pissed.  And I start looking for ways to let everyone know it.  Of course you have to know when to pick your battles, but seriously, I don’t like that and I will let you know about it.  However, the one thing I can do add a little zen back to that is to promise I will not take credit for other people’s work.  My career is not that important nor anything else.  You know, unless like the person who should get credit is already dead… and there’s no way for it to come back to me.  I never said I was stupid or naive.  Just honest.  Mostly.

14 hour day

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Yeah I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday.  I had no idea that I would be working a 14 hour day.  I was asked to come by an internal event happening at a hotel here in Hong Kong at 8:00am to help with the setup.  I got there at ten till eight and no one else showed up till about ten after.   Oh well.

I realized I was going to late for another meeting back at my office and ran out in a hurry in the afternoon.  I was ten minutes late for that.  The universe does not like me to be early.  I was ten minutes early in the morning so I was made to be ten minutes late in the afternoon.  Considering I usually just average in at ‘late’, I can deal with that kind of balance.

I took four taxis throughout the day yesterday which is very unusual for me to take any taxis at all.  Luckily they are pretty cheap here and much cheaper than back in the States.  Then again Hong Kong is a really small place so it may just be relative to that.

I had dinner and drinks with the people from the even after work and then went back and helped re-arrange, re-cable, re-organize and test (and re-test) presentations and videos for today.  By the time I finally made it home I called Muse and then crashed.