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No holiday here

Monday, May 26th, 2008

So I hear it’s a public holiday back home in the States.  No such luck here; I had to work today.  Although we do get about the same amount of holidays here in Hong Kong but they are at different times and have different names.  Exactly the same only completely different.

I don’t remember actually explicitly mentioning it (and I don’t have much else to say today (OMG filler)) but if you use Twitter, you can follow me there via this link: Yeah there’s a feed for it over in the sidebar as well but then you won’t get to see the octopus again as he reigns supreme over my Twitter page.  He also will not allow me to post all my Twitter posts as a blog post here as a cheater post.  He thinks it doesn’t count as a post.  I tend to agree.

Since I’ve got nothing much else to say today I’ll just plug A Little Scary once more.  I’ve posted Monday’s comic which you should check out.  Remember to check back each Monday and Thursday for new comics.  Subscribe to the feed while your there too.  It’s a lonely feed.