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Still in the States

Monday, December 31st, 2007

We just got back from “the country” visiting Muse‘s family where Internet access is still pretty much an unknown service.  No contact with the rest of the world for five days.  Talk about feeling isolated.  I like the woods but no Internet access is a horrible thing.

However, you can shoot things in the woods, so I did some target practice with Muse’s Dad’s .45 six shooter and his 9mm at some boxes that used to have Christmas gifts in them.  I hit the targets more often than not.  You have to keep up your zombie survival skills, you know.

We have eaten more since we’ve been back in  the states than we can possibly process within normal human limits.  Especially since our bodies are used to Hong Kong foods and meals now.

Well its almost bed time so that’s all the updates for now.  Muse is feeling a little sick so she needs some rest.