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Sickness and sadness

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Did I mention that I also seem to have gotten a cold during the flight from LA to Hong Kong?  At least that’s when the symptoms started.  And it continues even now.  My head and nose are stuffed up and I have the occasional sneezing or coughing fit.  It’s fun.

Even worse is that Guinness is sick too.  Yesterday he cried for me to let him out and once we got outside he wanted to run.  They need the exercise so I ran with them on their leashes.  Then when we got to his favorite hillside I noticed he was absolutely frantic to find a place to poop.  And once he started pooping he didn’t stop till he was cleaned out of what looked like butterscotch pudding coming from his butt.

He woke up before my alarm today frantic to go outside again and the same thing happened.  We came back in and I started preparing their breakfast and I stepped in something wet on the throw rug.  Sure enough, there were two large brown puddles on the carpet as he must have made sure that he only went on that and not the floor.  Breakfast was postponed while I used the spare shower to wash off my sock, pants leg and the rug.  Oh it smells lovely in the kitchen.

He’s been scared all morning because he was afraid I’d be mad at him.  I talked to him and let him know it’s not his fault and that it was OK.  I think he’s calmed down about it now.  He only ate half his breakfast and I’m going to feed him some Pepto once I finish my cereal.  I think I need to get him some rice on my way back from work today.

I feel so bad for him.  I know he’s upset and he feels really bad.  He would have never done anything in the house if he couldn’t help it.  I’m really sad because of all this too.  Sad for him and, somewhat selfishly, sad for myself as well.  It’s been a bad couple of days and I really miss Muse being here to help me with everything.  I know I can handle this all on my own with some degree of success but I don’t want to.

I wish she was here.