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They are alive

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

I’ve talked and chatted with Muse.  Her and all the animals are alive and well after their grueling trip halfway around the world.  It seems that no one messed their cages this time through which is very surprising.  Two of the three we sent to Hong Kong were disgusting messes when we received them.  Muse got lucky on that one.  So did the importer I suppose.

Muse is suffering from some jetlag as she chatted with me at what would have been 1:30am back in the States.  The dogs are crashed and the cats are off exploring the new environment.  If that’s the worst of it all then we couldn’t ask for more.

I imagine she will be updating her site pretty soon to tell everyone all about it.


Monday, June 30th, 2008

I dropped Muse off with her luggage and waited for her at the bus stop to the airport. I put her bags on the bus when it arrived. I asked her for the fifth time if she had her passport and drivers license. I waited by the bus and watched as it pulled away.

Now I’m sitting here with the pets waiting for the exporter to arrive. They are late. Soon though, they will all be gone.

I’m very sad.


I’m back from taking the dogs and cats to the airport. I don’t know how Muse did it before. They were so scared and pitiful I actually was crying when they put their cages in the air-conditioned live animal room. There were two small white dogs in crates in the room already. They were excited to see people. Our animals looked and acted like they were being sentenced to their deaths. They were that pitiful.

Now I’m even more sad….

Less than a week

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

In less than a week Muse and our two dogs and two cats will be flying back to the States.  In less than a week I’m going to be quite lonely.

This morning I stayed home to help Muse get all four of the fuzzy kids to the vet for their final health inspection and certification.  Because of her flaky friend we had to wait for a hire car to get us to and from the plaza where the vet office is located.  Her friend was supposed to help her take the pets to the vet in her golf cart.  Knowing how flaky she is, I knew she would cancel so I let work know that I would need to stay and help.  Sure enough, two days ago her friend calls and says that she can’t go but we can borrow the golf cart.  OK we planned for that so no problem.

Yesterday she called Muse all pissy and gave her this lame-ass excuse about how she had to give up her golf cart for four days starting on the day we needed it.  Yeah… right.  Like this woman could possibly stand using the standard buses for four days.  That would be beneath her.  So we had to get a local hire car to come get us and take us to the vet.  It’s way to far to walk with them all.

Of course her “friends” golf cart has been sitting in front of her building across from ours all day.  It hasn’t moved and it was available the entire time we would have needed it.  But oh well.  That’s one good thing about consistently flaky people is that you can safely ignore them and plan alternatives in advance.

Whatever.  At least its done now.  One more thing crossed off the lists.

Mondays: Nature’s payback for weekends

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

The cat wouldn’t stop meowing and howling all night.  It’s been sick for over three or four days and is just starting to feel better.  All that sleeping during that time had oviously been stored up to stay awake all freaking night.  And then when it seems that he has quieted down an amazingly loud and bright lightning storm erupts right outside our windows sending out big dog (Chini) into hysterics and climbing over us to be protected.  She’s terrified of storms for some reason and the one this morning was a doozy.  She whimpered and pushed and shook for at least an hour or more keeping us both awake even more.

Over all I don’t think either of us got more than an hour of consecutive sleep last night.  I am so wiped out today I’m barely even functional at work.  Maybe some ice cream would help.

Most of the weekend was a lost cause due to taking the cats to the vet and going back and forth to pick them up or to ask questions.  In the off times, I did a little drawing in Illustrator and then got my troll Hunter in World of Warcraft to level 50.  Leveling is so much faster than it was a year ago.  There seems to be more money available too because I’ve never had so much in game before.

When I get home tonight, all I want to do is take the dog’s out for their evening walk and then take a nap.  Eating dinner is optional at this point.  I’ll work on Thursday’s comic tomorrow.  I’m to burnt to do it today.  Today’s up on time though.  As usual.

Still sick and still have to work

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I’m still sick.  I still have to work.  And Burrito the cat got his little protective cone collar put back on last night because of a complication with his tail so all the animals kept us up all night long.  Because they are terrified of a kitty with a lampshade around it’s head.  So I can add no sleep to the above because of the animals and because I would get so thirsty I would wake up for a drink.

I felt like I was drunk this morning between the medication, lack of food and lack of sleep.  And I’ll be working a double shift today while we get all the servers backed up, mailboxes moved to Tokyo and shut down all the equipment.  Then I need to take all the ISP equipment and our router over to the new office.  It’s going to be a very long day.