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You may have already heard

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Muse broke the news yesterday.  It’s official: I’m going to be a Daddy.  tee hee

We’ve known for a little over a month but we wanted to make sure everything was OK (or as OK as it can be) before we started telling everyone.   So now the whole world knows (well at least the tiny piece of the world that visits our web pages).

The top shows the whole baby and the bottom pic is a close up of the head and you can just see a hand and some fingersjust in front of the face.  Seems like a kind of awkward angle.

Kinda creepy looking isn’t it?

It’s estimated that it’s roughly 12 weeks in those pictures so that would put it at about 13 weeks right now.

Well there you have it.

Random news

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Here are some interesting items for the day:

Digital Photo Frames Hack Game Accounts
This is pretty serious. If you have one of these digital photo frames from Best Buy (or any other store) then you need to check for this virus right away. You don’t want to mess with these Chinese computer viruses. They are nasty. Trust me.

U.S. could shoot down satellite overnight Wednesday
So now we can shoot down satellites. It won’t be too long before terrorists take out the TV satellites with this kind of knowlege and technology. And then the US Government will have to initiate a Reality Show Security department to take care of harrassing people in their living rooms.

New Mexico Wants to Tax Your Video Games
If you live in New Mexico, you may soon be paying more for the priveledge of playing video games. The goverment is always trying to get their hands on more money, but this just seems wrong. We’re talking about making peoples hobbies and gifts more expensive. Thats just mean.