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Halloween Eve

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

To say that me and Muse have been busy would be a grand understatement.

On Friday we closed on our new house.  Of course there were difficulties and things not taken care of as needed so it took forever.  Our closing went smoothly but the seller’s did not.  Sucks to be them… they should have gotten a better agent.  Ours is great.  Since we had nothing in the new house though we went back and stayed at my Mom’s where we had been.

On Saturday our sea shipment from Hong Kong arrived.  That actually went pretty smooth.  One of our couches got ripped somewhere along the way though.  That sucks.  Right in the front middle.  Good thing it’s insured.  We had lots of family and friends over to help with all the miscellaneous things that needed to be done.  It’s an exhausting process but it was OK.  Our cats were returned to us finally so they got locked in a bedroom while people worked.

On Sunday… I don’t really remember Sunday.  There may have been pancakes involved.  I think we shopped until we couldn’t shop anymore.  Just thinking about the amount of money that we have spent over the past few weeks makes my wallet hurt.

On Monday all hell broke loose.  Muse had an early doctor’s appointment and would be back to the house later in the morning to meet with the movers.  The movers were scheduled to arrive at 10:30am.  I double confirmed that time.  So I get a call on my mobile at 8:55am from the movers asking where we were and should they take the stuff back and re-schedule.  I’m sitting at work at that point and Muse was already at the doctor’s office.

After a confused conversation, Muse ends up leaving the doctor’s to meet them.  I get a call later that the movers are being uncooperative and that one of the cats is missing.  I leave work early and race home.  Tons of stuff gets moved in. A few more broken items.  No one knows anything about the pool table being reassembled.  More chaos.  I end up working from home on a cellular modem which is fairly slow.  Ugh.

Bottom line is that we are now moved in and we have lots of unpacking to do.  Of course Muse is having contractions and can have the baby at any time at this point.  So we shall see what gets done.

And of course in the midst of all that I’ve been furiously working on new comics.  I made the decision to do five new comics for A Little Scary this week in celebration of Halloween.  It was a good decision but I’ve been working my butt off to get it done.  The first four comics are posted now.  Tomorrow’s comic is done and waiting to post.  But I would just read the first four if I were you.  You really don’t want to see what’s in that last comic.  Trust me.

Back up and running

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Well, it looks like the web hosting move was fairly smooth.  Much easier than I had thought it would be.  I do think I forgot a few things on the old server and I didn’t note my old IP address…  dumb.  I’m hoping Yoshi still has that.

We had our fifth of six baby classes last night.  They show the nastiest crap in the videos and pictures in that class.  To hell with providing condoms or teaching sex education in our schools.  Just show all of them these videos.  They’ll never want to have babies.  Ever.

Tomorrow evening we have our final walk-through of the house to see if everything that we requested has been completed before we close on Friday.  Friday we put ourselves in enough debt to keep us shackled to St. Louis for the rest of our lives.  Wonderful.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes.  Interest rates are higher now than when moved back to the States.  The housing market sucks.  To all of you who told us what a great time it would be to come back home because the car market and housing market were so great: YOU WERE WRONG.   Unless of course you are in the market for a full size pickup truck and a “remodeler’s dream home”.

But hopefully we will be getting settled soon.  Our sea shipment from Hong Kong will be delivered on Saturday and then our storage items will arrive on Monday morning.  We need to get our utiliites sorted and get internet access in the house.   It’s going to be crazy.  And the baby is due any time now….

Changing servers

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Just want to let everyone know that I’ll be switching over the DNS for the following web sites to match their new hosting server:
A Little Scary
Cat and Muse

My friend Yoshi is kicking me off his servers so I had to go get a new hosting package.  The data looks like it’s all transferred as of yesterday but I can’t really test it till I get the domains pointing to the new locations.

The change will probably be kicked off overnight tonight.  If anyone sees anything not working, please let me know.


Looks like the DNS changes are underway.  I had to repost today’s comic and this post.  Yay!  So far so good.

Title goes here

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

It’s been really quiet around here lately.  Things will pick up again after we get moved in to our own house.  Right now, Muse has her new notebook setup in a corner of my Mom’s office and my computer is setup on a bench in the basement.  Neither is ideal or easy to get to like we are used to so things tend to slip.  We really haven’t been doing a whole lot of interesting things either.

That Most Recently list over on the right side of the page hasn’t updated at all because there’s really nothing to update.  I no longer have a long commute where I sit on boats and buses for three hours a day so I haven’t read anything.  My PS2 and XBox360 aren’t hooked up so I can’t really play those.  I never seem to have time to play with my NDS or PSP right now.  We haven’t watched any movies and I don’t have speakers on my computer to listen to any new music.  Stagnant.  Hopefully that will all change soon.  Even with a baby.

We are scheduled to close on the house we are buying on Friday October 24th and hope to be getting our shipments from the movers that weekend.  I say ‘hope’ because after several phone messages and e-mail, I can’t seem to get through to my contact at Graebel.  I’ll be trying again today but I wish it didn’t have to be so annoying.  This is not customer service….

Move postponed

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Well, good thing I didn’t actually shut down my computer yet.  I woke up this morning to the sounds of water leaking in and getting the clothes I set aside for the next few days as wet as possible.  Nice.  Hello Typhoon Signal 8, how are you this morning?  You blow?  Why yes you do.

Just a bit ago, the winds at Ngong Ping (just over the mountain from my home) were blowing at 158 kilometers per hour.  For the easy reference of other Americans, that is 98 miles per hour.  Wind.  98 miles per hour.  That blows.

So now I’m sitting here with nothing to do because everything is packed or at least disconnected.  The movers aren’t coming because Hong Kong shuts down completely during a Signal 8 and I have no food in the house or a way to cook it if I did.  The milk is spoiled too.  This is turning out to be a most excellent experience.