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Tuesday like a Monday

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

The Tuesday after a Monday holiday always feels like a Monday.  Which of course makes sense because no matter what day it really is, it’s your first day back in the office with the rest of the world and everybody is playing catch-up from the long weekend.  It’s a short week but stuff still has to be done.

This week is especially short for me though.  Not only did I have yesterday off as a holiday, I am taking Friday off as a vacation day to go on the float/camping trip.  Some vacation day that will be too.  I will have to get up before the sun even wakes up to get my kit together and drive to my friends house.  He offered to come by and pick me up but honestly that is a BAD idea.  The dogs go crazy when anyone comes around the house.  If Kira was startled awake at 5:30am by insane dog barking, I’m afraid that would mean a very long and unpleasant day for both her and Michelle.  And she thinks I don’t think about her.  Pbbpttbt….

Did you see this article?  A guy in Arizona wears animal masks to and from work every day in order to get out of paying tickets from the photo-enforcement division.  Clever I suppose.  Well, until they start staking out his house.  Hehe.  Read the article.  It’s funny.

This picture just cracks me up every single time I see it.  Ha!  I am partial to monkeys though so maybe that has something to do with it.

You need a what?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Our company’s CEO is in the office today and there are lunches and dinners planned to keep him amused and well fed.  However I must have missed an e-mail somewhere along the line.  The office manager bounded into my office asking for my baby picture.

You want what?  A baby picture of me?  Those are all in the States and not scanned.  Why?

So it’s something to do with some activity during a dinner.  So I’m assuming we will be expected to guess the employee by their baby pic.  I got nothing.  SO, I decided to improvise.

Here’s the first one I sent to the office manager:

I think my Mother would agree that this is a pretty close approximation to any real baby pictures that do exist.  But this was denied as an acceptable submission.

So I decided to improvise some more.  I broke out Photoshop and got to work.  And ended up with this:
Improvised baby picture

I think that’s the one they are going to use.  Without the watermark of course.  I still say the monkey picture is better, but there’s just no accounting for taste on this side of the world.  Perhaps the hat won them over?