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When Child Porn Laws Go Bad

Friday, May 29th, 2009

You are a criminal.  You may not have known that but if you are fairly media savvy then most likely you are a criminal based on this conviction of a comic book collector.

Here’s the quick summary: a man who is a prolific collector of Japanese manga (comics) was found guilty of child pornography because of artwork in a series of manga that he was importing depicting depraved sex acts with children.  According to the article, this is a man who collected ALL types of manga and not just this style which puts him in the realm of what should have been considered an art collector.  He faces up to 15 years in jail.

So here’s the problem – this is a victimless crime.  There is no one who has been hurt… no one who has been wronged…  no one to be compensated.  These are drawings of fictional characters.  And the law has been left purposely vague (although less vague than the first iteration) so that it can cover things it was never meant to cover.  So now a comic collector is being put in jail and resources that could have been used to catch and prosecute real child pornographers has been wasted.

Welcome to the new world that allows for an idea to be illegal.  The most common anology to this is that if we play a video game that has us kill a virtual person are we then considered a murderer?  Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it? Now think about every school shooting over the past few years and how many times video games were blamed as influencers of the mentally flawed people who commited these crimes.

So where does the line get drawn?  Do we need to burn every copy of Lolita?  Should fans of Dakota Fanning get thrown in jail for watching Hounddog?  I guess we can’t make any more gang movies… ya know, unless no one dies of unnatural causes in them.  Slumdog Millionaire should have been X-rated based on this kind of thinking (oh wait, everyone loved it and it won awards).

What’s your opinion? (please read the article or be familiar with the case before venting)

The death penalty

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

The U.S. Supreme Court this week hears arguments about whether the death penalty can be imposed for child rape.
OK, honestly… who has a problem with this type of sentence?  Who thinks that a person who rapes a child deserves anything less than the most brutal and painful torment and death that can be conceived by the most depraved minds in the world?  I, for one, would be happy to give them suggestions on how to torture child molesters and would be happy to be their executioner.

So I guess you can tell where I stand on Capital Punishment.  I am all for it and I believe it should be a simple cut and dry process.  No languishing in prisons once the sentence is passed down.  Just do it right there on the spot and viewable on national TV.

  • Rape a child (and probably kill the child): then we execute you.
  • Commit cold-blooded murder: then we execute you.
  • Torture animals: then we execute you.
  • Cancel another TV show as good as Firefly: then we execute you.

But no, there always has to be some tree-hugging pacifist who thinks that we should spend millions of dollars every year keeping these bastards alive.  Feeding them three meals a day, providing them with workout equipment, basketball courts, satellite television, etc.  The best punishment we can hope for for their time in prison is perhaps the occasional beating  and/or ass-raping for the convict.

Why do we have so much crime?  That’s an easy one to answer.  Our legal system is broke or at least severely fractured.  Sure justice is served from time to time, but people are willing to take the risks that they do in committing crimes because they know all they have to do is pay for a good lawyer and if necessary go whining to the various ‘humanitarian’ groups.  People who are inclined to commit crimes are not afraid of the system and that’s where the downfall is these days.  And if you are a celebrity you already know that the laws don’t apply to you in the same way.

What happened to the public execution?  Entire cities used to turn out to watch the beheading of criminals.  When people were strung up to hang from their necks in the middle of a town square, everyone was reminded of the consequences of bad deeds.  When was the last time you saw a person die by execution?  Probably never in real life.  People are no longer faced with the very real consequences of evil deeds.

So my answer to crime in general is more executions IF they are publicly viewable on television, YouTube, HD satellite broadcast.  Start with those that have been rotting in our prisons for decades like Charles Manson.  Use the money that would have been spent to guard, feed, entertain, administer and heal him and others like him and use that money to setup an execution with advertising on the SuperBowl.  Why not?  It’s not like we are EVER going to let people like him out and yet we just can’t bring ourselves to kill the poor wretch.  It’s not his fault, it was his mother/his father/society/rock & roll/drugs/insanity/war/whatever.  Kill him.  Plain and simple.

But it will never happen.  And that’s why we will continue to see gangs on the streets because they know if they kill a baby in a drive by shooting they only have to go away for ten years and hang out with others from their gang and make more contacts for when they get out.  That’s why we will see random killings and hate crimes because there is no fear.  The system is a joke people and the more easily offended our society gets and the more politically correct everyone is forced to be because someone can’t handle reality the worse it’s going to get.

Food for thought: Every time I fly to Malaysia, the announcement before landing reminds everyone that anyone caught smuggling any illegal drugs into the country is subject to capital punishment.  I bet Malaysia doesn’t have the same drug problems that the United States does.  I wonder why?