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La Vida Poco

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Bachelor life is starting to get to me I think.  I’ve played so much Beautiful Katamari that I think my hands have permanantly contorted into grasping claws.  Which is actually rather convenient for playing XBox games to be honest.  Makes typing hard though.

Add to that bizarre Japanese game the fact that I have been watching nothing but Japanese language movies and TV (with English subtitles of course) and I’m relatively sure I can here The Vapors invading my internal soundtrack.  And that’s never a good thing.

As you can see from my Most Recently list over on the right, it’s been kind of crazy.  I’m also watching Kagemusha but I didn’t get to finish it last night due to various phone calls and laundry, but that’s another that will be added to the list.  I actually haven’t completely finished watching Haibane Renmei yet either so please do not post anything about that or any spoilers (that pretty much means Insomnic).  I would hate to have to kill you in your sleep.

I’m currently downloading Neon Genesis Evangelion so I can continue this craziness.  I can’t get an English version here in Hong Kong, so… well… piracy to the rescue!  Don’t worry MPAA, it’s still on my Amazon Wishlist.

Perhaps I’ll get some sushi for lunch today.  Hmm….

Melon Jerry… erm, Jelly

Monday, June 16th, 2008

It’s a fact that Japanese people speaking English often confuse the letter L with the letter R and sometimes the other way around too.  Some people would call that Engrish.  But not often do I get to see it in writing.

Melon Jerry (Jelly)

These Melon Jelly Chocolates were available in a gift shop in Narita International Airport in Japan outside of Tokyo.  Notice that it’s not actually jelly but jerry.  Perhaps the order of the words could be changed around a bit too.  Ah well, I guess you can’t spell check everything.

Scariest thing in the world

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

What’s the absolute scariest thing you can possibly imagine? If you have an irrational fear of jellyfish, like me, then this article showing pictures of giant jellyfish is extremely disturbing. They’re bigger than a person and weigh around 400 pounds. The pictures were taken off the coast of Japan which is too damn close for my comfort.

One more reason to never swim in the ocean. There ARE monsters.

Why can’t I get awesome Japanese video games?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

The question of “Why can’t I get awesome Japanese video games?” was asked in the comments by Shannon and I feel compelled to give my thoughts on the subject. I paraphrased the question, so I hope I got the gist of it correct.

Living in St. Louis (or the surrounding areas) for pretty much all my life does two distinct things to you:

  1. You become painfully aware of where you went to high school
  2. You realize how cut off you are from all the kick-ass stuff covered in awesome-sauce that exists in the rest of the world

I started gaming pretty young, considering the age of video games themselves. Since that beginning, there has always loomed the ethereal spectre of foreign games. Every now and then we would get our hands on a game in same alien language (my first copy of Alone in the Dark was a bootleg in French) and we would wonder why this stuff wasn’t more available in the States. We heard about the bizarre peripherals for the NES and Genesis that never left Japan. We heard about the WonderSwan console that also never left Asia. And most of all… we heard about the amazing games that we would never be able to play. And we sulked. A lot.