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Move postponed

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Well, good thing I didn’t actually shut down my computer yet.  I woke up this morning to the sounds of water leaking in and getting the clothes I set aside for the next few days as wet as possible.  Nice.  Hello Typhoon Signal 8, how are you this morning?  You blow?  Why yes you do.

Just a bit ago, the winds at Ngong Ping (just over the mountain from my home) were blowing at 158 kilometers per hour.  For the easy reference of other Americans, that is 98 miles per hour.  Wind.  98 miles per hour.  That blows.

So now I’m sitting here with nothing to do because everything is packed or at least disconnected.  The movers aren’t coming because Hong Kong shuts down completely during a Signal 8 and I have no food in the house or a way to cook it if I did.  The milk is spoiled too.  This is turning out to be a most excellent experience.

Shutting down

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

The movers are scheduled to arrive at 9:30am tomorrow morning to pack everything up and haul it away for shipping.  Muse’s computer is all broken down already and mine’s next.  I had to look up some phone numbers and back up all my data before the big move and that took some time.

I’ve got two giant suitcases to check in at the airport and one tiny suitcase to use as my carry-on.  The carry-on case pretty much is completely filled with my XBox 360 and Playstation 2 and one of my external hard drives for backups.  That and some towels and t-shirts for padding.  It’s the only way to be sure.

Tired.  I was up till 1:30am last night packing and had to get up early to go to work early.  I was falling asleep in a vendor presentation this afternoon.  Considering they were presenting to me, that was probably kind of rude.  I’ll probably be up again late tonight as it’s almost midnight.  Then the circus starts tomorrow morning.

I won’t be in front of a PC again till I reach the office on Thursday morning.  I’ll try and give another update then.

Less than 4 days

Monday, August 4th, 2008

I’ve got less than four days till I leave Hong Kong.  There’s way too much stress and way too many things not going smoothly at all.  Things are going the opposite of smoothly.  They are anti-smooth.  This is one of those cases where having lots of money would fix things.  Thus the stress.

The training of my replacement is going well but his arrival delays have introduced even more stress to the situation.  I feel like I’m talking non-stop and gushing information but I’m worried how much he’s absorbing.  So far, he’s still not getting the names in the office right.  I hope he’s only bad with remembering names.  Otherwise it could be a long couple of years.

Regardless, I’m still plugging along.  I’m trying to get a buffer of comics done for A Little Scary so I can stay on schedule during the move.  The Monday comic is up and Thursday’s is ready to roll but I need to create at least one more to make it through the move.

14 hour day

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Yeah I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday.  I had no idea that I would be working a 14 hour day.  I was asked to come by an internal event happening at a hotel here in Hong Kong at 8:00am to help with the setup.  I got there at ten till eight and no one else showed up till about ten after.   Oh well.

I realized I was going to late for another meeting back at my office and ran out in a hurry in the afternoon.  I was ten minutes late for that.  The universe does not like me to be early.  I was ten minutes early in the morning so I was made to be ten minutes late in the afternoon.  Considering I usually just average in at ‘late’, I can deal with that kind of balance.

I took four taxis throughout the day yesterday which is very unusual for me to take any taxis at all.  Luckily they are pretty cheap here and much cheaper than back in the States.  Then again Hong Kong is a really small place so it may just be relative to that.

I had dinner and drinks with the people from the even after work and then went back and helped re-arrange, re-cable, re-organize and test (and re-test) presentations and videos for today.  By the time I finally made it home I called Muse and then crashed.

Hot and wet

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Hong Kong is a really nice place.  Aside from the pollution and the jungle weather it really is a beautiful place to live.  When the pollution haze lifts during a holiday and you can see all the way from one end of the country to another (it’s preety small), it’s just amazing.  On a clear night, the city skyline all lit up is one of the most beautiful man-made things I’ve seen.

Here’s a link to the official government weather site for Hong Kong: Hong Kong Observatory.  It’s a nice site that is quite thorough with moving pictures of clouds in the area and it’s updated quite often.  However I really think they could save a lot of time and money if the just changed all that to the following static text:

Hong Kong Weather
Currently: Hot as hell and humid enough to sweat stain your shorts
Forcast for tomorrow: See above
5-Day forcast: Between 28-30 degrees Celcius and 75-100% humidity.  Rain can and will happen when you least expect it.  If you see dark clouds or have lost sight of land that you could see only moments ago, head for shelter or buy an umbrella.  Buy two, one will break.

And really that about sums it up during these summer months.

I saw a guy I know from St. Louis complaining on Twitter about how it was a miserable 50% humidity in my hometown.  I about fell out of my chair laughing.  I quickly checked the link above for the current weather and saw that the humidity was at 98% at the time.  After living here for two years I really hope to be able to better handle the St. Louis summers.  However…

The winters are going to fucking blow.

When Muse and I were back home for the Christmas holidays this past year, we literally froze our asses off.  I left mine somewhere between Fenton and High Ridge.  One thing the heat here has taken away from me is my extreme tolerance to cold weather.  I don’t think I’ll be out and about in my shorts when the St. Louis ice storms come rolling through.  Not for a while I think.  Not if I want to have any more children.