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Weekend recap

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Muse and I finally did something on the weekend! Yay for us! It’s a long story. Anyway…

On Saturday it rained and rained and the wind just kept on blowing like crazy. And then we had to clean up. You can read the details of that problem here. Muse already wrote it so why should I? So we went to Tung Chung in typhoon-like weather. We ate (soaking wet) at a local Italian chain restaraunt called The Spaghetti House which has a decidedly Hong Kong influenced menu for an Italian place. They have good baked spaghetti though and that’s all I ever get there. The place was dead because no one wanted to walk outside in the wind and rain.

On Sunday we travelled to Causeway Bay and wandered around a bit. We found a new shopping mall called Delay No Mall. It’s related to the same company that got me into trouble with my office mates before. It’s not a bad place, but the layout is kind of wonky and you could easily miss a few of the stores due to bad locations. All the stores kind of flow from one to the other like someone just started plunking down racks wherever they felt like it. Not the easiest place to navigate, but interesting and worth a look if you are in Hong Kong a lot. It’s not too far from the Sogo area.

Muse got a crepe from a Japanese chain that specializes in them called Marion Crepes. Which I found odd since crepes are French but whatever. After looking for that link it seems that crepes must be very popular in Japan. I had no idea. I had a couple of bites and it was really good. I wish I had one now.

We ate at an American restaraunt called Tony Roma’s at Times Square which always has pretty good food. It’s a bit pricey, but so are most places in the Causeway Bay area.

We looked around some clothes stores and I checked a game shop or two. It was good to get out.

Still in the States

Monday, December 31st, 2007

We just got back from “the country” visiting Muse‘s family where Internet access is still pretty much an unknown service.  No contact with the rest of the world for five days.  Talk about feeling isolated.  I like the woods but no Internet access is a horrible thing.

However, you can shoot things in the woods, so I did some target practice with Muse’s Dad’s .45 six shooter and his 9mm at some boxes that used to have Christmas gifts in them.  I hit the targets more often than not.  You have to keep up your zombie survival skills, you know.

We have eaten more since we’ve been back in  the states than we can possibly process within normal human limits.  Especially since our bodies are used to Hong Kong foods and meals now.

Well its almost bed time so that’s all the updates for now.  Muse is feeling a little sick so she needs some rest.

I findz treasure!

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Oh, kick ass!

Look what I just found in my backpack!

Snickers Almond Bar

MMmmm…. pre-lunch snackity-snack.

Greasy noodles

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I’m not exactly sure what I ate today, but it sure was good. Actually there are a lot of days when I can say that exact same phrase. I walked with a few people from work through the wet markets today to get to a little Vietnamese restaurant in Central. Central is the name of the district I work in.

Hmm… I suppose I should explain what a “wet market” is. Wet markets are like other outdoor markets in Hong Kong with open air stores and vendors setting up stalls along the street . The biggest difference is that in a wet market you find live or recently living things, generally to eat. You can find everything from groceries, fresh fruit & vegetables, live chickens and seafood, pork and chicken meat hanging from hooks, disembodied giant fish heads, flowers, live chickens and spices. They are pretty cool, but the ground is always wet from live wells at the fish vendors, people spraying off butcher blocks and watering flowers. Therefore, wet market.

OK, back to the story. So we get to the Vietnamese restaurant and two of us put in our orders for what we call “greasy noodles.” Then we all walked to the Corner Noodle (that’s what it translates to) and the others put in their order for local Chinese food. I wander around a little and look at a store selling commercial refrigerated displays and some cool plants at a flower shop. The Chinese food comes up and we head back the Vietnamese place to pick up our food. It still wasn’t ready. Slow….

Anyway, after one of our co-workers complains in Cantonese to them, they get the order out and we all walk back through the wet market to the office. They threw in some free desserts to make up for the wait. Local desserts are icky. More on that later. So what are greasy noodles? Well, I’m not exactly sure but I will try and explain.

Greasy noodles are kinda like spaghetti noodles in size, shape and color but maybe a bit smaller in diameter. They are cooked and then maybe lightly stir-fried in oil but that’s just a guess. There is meat which I believe was pork and/or chicken as well as large strips of brown-ish stuff which didn’t taste like much so I assumed it was tofu of some sort. Then there’s diced white and green onions, slivers of red pepper and carrots and something that looked a little like corn flakes but not quite. And maybe a bit of oil or grease.

I know that is a splendid description but it’s the best I can do. Seriously though it’s really good. It’s relatively dry so it can be eaten completely with chopsticks and no need for a spoon.

Go see! Go see!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I have just put up my first post on the Hello! Network‘s web site dedicated to all things food: hello! Food. Go take a look and check out my post as well as all the cool recipes that are currently out there.

Especially the Peanut Butter Pie… a Yoshi specialty. Mmmm….

edit: I wish I had some peanut butter pie right now….