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Sunday, March 30th, 2003

I totally embarrassed a young girl even though I did nothing. I felt bad for her. I shall explain.

I was at Wal-Mart tonight picking up some things I needed. After wandering aimlessly through many aisles I asked an employee where the scales were. I wanted to get a scale since I’m wanting to lose a couple of pounds. A scale is excellent motivation. Anyway, she tells me that they are in Hardware. I say that there is no way I would have guessed that and she agreed with me and commented on the brains that must have thought that was a good location. So I wandered over to Hardware and found the aisle.

As I entered the aisle with the scale selection I noticed two young and obviously over-weight young girls standing in front of said selection. The larger of the two was standing on top of a scale not noticing a thing as she was intent on the numbers scrolling by. Her friend was watching the same. Needless to say they did not see me and I didn’t want to embarrass them so I acted like I didn’t notice them and approached looking at the scales. There’s lots of scales. Just as I stop and start perusing the assortment the one not one the scale declares “251”. The one on the scale steps off and they both see me standing not three feet from them. I can’t help it I’m so quiet. The one who just learned her weight simply stated to the other “I hate you”, lowered her head and walked off. The other realizing what had happened said “I’m so sorry” and walked off after her. I didn’t look at either of them as they left and didn’t say a word. I just acted like nothing had happened so that hopefully the one might convince the other that I did not hear. Hopefully. I knew I was good at embarrassing people when I wanted to but this was definitely not my cause or fault. I just feel bad for the poor girl who is probably terribly self-conscious of her weight as it is.

Anyway, I picked the $30 one with the digital display and the lithium ion battery that never needs replacing. Oh well.