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Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Facebook – scourge of the internet and destroyer of productivity.  Or at least that’s how I look at it.  Those of you who use it know what I mean.  The people, the games, the mind-numbing refreshes to see what happens next.  But I saw something funny today.

Do you ever look at the ads on the side of page?  Usually they are like Google ads where they are at least kind of targeted to what’s on the page.  Usually.  Not today though.  Today I was looking at all the responses to me announcing that I am no longer playing any more farming games.  If you don’t know what I’m going on about then you probably aren’t on Facebook.  And I look to the side and see this as one of the ads:

All Gay CruisesUhhh… I think perhaps the targeted ads are a bit confused.  If this has something to do with farming then I don’t need to know about it.

Seriously though, I have nothing against gay people of either gender but this bothers me a bit.  Based on my own knowledge of gay guys that I have met or been friends with, the bulk of them seemed to have no problem flitting between lovers like a fat guy at a buffet and certainly had no qualms about cheating on each other.  I am certain that this is not the case with all gay guys and I am not trying to generalize but I am relating what I have been told personally.

Now, assuming that the kind of behaviour I describe is even relatively common in this lifestyle, this gay cruise idea sounds like a really really bad idea.  Sure it will be a fun time for the people on it but can you imagine the aftermath?  Primarily I’m talking about diseases.

Consider that most sexually transmitted diseases are spread by people who don’t know they are infected or carrying a given disease.  I’m not sure if there is a statistic on how many people get an STD over a given weekend but I imagine its more than I care to know.  Now take that number and multiply it by some other unknown number for a cruise that I assume is based on the premise of sex.  It sounds like the boat should have to go through quarantine before it gets back to US soil.

Am I wrong about an All Gay Cruise being primarily about sex?  I don’t think so or why else would it exist?  There’s nothing to say that gay people and straight people can’t share the same cruise ship for the experience of people going on vacation.  And can you imagine if someone offered an All Straight Cruise?  The backlash would be earth-shattering to say the least.  So since there is nothing stopping gay people from going on normal cruises and doing whatever they feel like, this idea of an All Gay Cruise sounds more like a “special” getaway.  A haven or retreat for the alternative lifestyle.  A place to do whatever it is they feel that can’t do when us “breeders” are around.  (Yes I have been called a Breeder by a gay guy before.)

Am I way off base here?  Or is there something even more sinister that I’ve completely missed?
What’s your opinion?