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Friday, July 13th, 2007

This will seem rather anti-climactic but I have the results of the NAME the DEAD Contest. And due to the nature of my mood at the moment, I will break down the results into different categories to extend the length of this post. So with further adieu, here we go. With the results. Now.

Most comprehensive responder to the contest
Christy at

Second most comprehensive responder to the contest
Yoshi at

Goofiest responder to the contest
KD at

Most startling revelation of the contest
That almost no one cares either about the contest or about the names of the people in the stories.

Yeah, so I got three responses from the three people above. That either means that people aren’t bothering to read the stories or they just don’t care to play my little games. Either way it doesn’t really matter.


Because for one thing I’ve decided that the names are irrelevant and have re-formatted the first three Days to follow the new one.

And also DAY FOUR is finished! Yay! I need to have my lovely editor give it a thorough read through and I should be able to post it tomorrow. Hopefully she can get through it without falling asleep because it’s definitely the longest one yet (8 pages printed, currently sitting at 6,704 words). That’s way longer than DAY ONE and DAY TWO combined!

OK I seriously need to stop talking about it or everyone will be all hyped up and then be pissed when they read it and think it sucks.

I may go get myself some pity donuts.

NAME the DEAD Contest

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Hello! I hope those of you that have taken the time to read Days One, Two and Three have enjoyed them so far. I’m considering changing up the format a little and actually trying to flesh out a few stories that take more than one day to occur. This means that I’ll need a way to differentiate the sections of the days that cover different people’s experiences and the best way I can think of doing that is by making sub-chapters within the Days under the name of the person. As you may have noticed, the people telling the stories don’t have names so far and I’d like a little audience participation if you would be so kind. So, I give you the NAME the DEAD Contest!

What I’m looking for are First and, if possible, Last names for each main character from the first three Days. Feel free to offer suggestions for one, two or even all three characters. If my panel of judges (which means me and the wife) choose a name that you have suggested, I will give you credit for it and link your blog or websiteif you have one. I know it’s not much of a prize but it’s all I got right now. Please feel free to submit your names in the comments for this post or you can e-mail them to me at cybrpunk13 [at) gmail (d.o.t] com.

I’ll take submissions for about a week or so, since I need to start adjusting how I’m doing this for a longer storyline that will take place around Day Five.

Yes, I know the young lady in Day Two didn’t actually die, but the mortality rate seems to be pretty high around these parts.
So she get’s included.