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Capsule toys

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Capsule toys are small, usually cheap, toys that fit inside a small plastic egg or capsule and are distributed from big coin operated machines much like gumball machines. You put in one to four 5HKD coins in, twist the knob, and hope like hell that the random capsule rolling out the chute is the one you wanted.

These capsule machines and toys are so common that you will find them everywhere in Hong Kong. I’m relatively certain that they are more common here than they are in Japan or Korea. I certainly didn’t see them in those countries like I do here. I’ll try and get a picture of a typical capsule machine display for your amusement later.

Here’s a couple of the toys I’ve gotten lately:

squishy goombasquishy boo

You can see a Super Mario Brothers Goomba and Boo sitting in the capsules that they came in. I keep the capsules because it makes the toys feel safe. Kind of like security blankets.

squishy goomba and boo

Here is Goomba holding up a drunk Boo as they pose with their pictures from the included inventory sheet. Drunk Boo hides his alcohol dependence when you face him but when you turn your back… watch out!

squishy series label

Each capsule toy comes with a small strip of paper that shows the toy series and an inventory of each character in the series. You can tell this is from Japan just from the writing on it. Well, I can at least.

Unfortunately, this series is gone. They don’t last long and you have to act fast. Luckily I got the Boo because that was the one I really wanted. Now you can’t find them anywhere. But that’s OK, there’s a Series 2 out now. Tee hee.

Capsule toys may be the death of me….