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Thursday, April 21st, 2016

I logged in to this old site for the first time in quite a while. After blowing the most recent layer of dust off this place, I instinctively checked the Users screen to see if anyone had hacked themselves a back door… they had. Glad I remembered how to at least do that much around here. I deleted it and all content that may or may not have existed from that account. Don’t care. As I traced lines in the remaining dust diminishing the glow of the old screen, I saw the update button. A mechanical, skittering sound from a dark corner distracted me for a moment, but apparently WordPress hasn’t been auto-updating for a while – that explains the hacked user account. Or maybe its the thing lurking in here with me.

After I hit the update, I purposefully ignore the warning about backing up the database in the potential cataclysmic upgrade failure. Why? I look at my last post listed on the dashboard: April 2012. Seriously? 2012. I remember thinking to myself a few months ago about this site and thought, It hasn’t been that long… maybe a year or so. But no, 2012. The year the world was thought to end because people don’t know how to read an ancient Mayan calendar… and who can blame them? Fear sells. Its a fact.

So the site updates to the newest version quickly and painlessly while I silently muse to myself about all of this. Good old WordPress. Way better than the old cybrblog system that I programmed so many years ago in the heyday of blogging. Back then this was all new and exciting. Now the internet is littered with dusty websites chronicling forgotten meals and distant memories that tick on without a care… if they’re lucky. More often, the old links to sites and blogs of a decade or two past end at a 404 or a parked ad page. Gone are those meals and memories for many who used to dwell in these circles. Gone forever. 2012.

And with a flourish, I remembered that I didn’t have to keep these musings to myself. I’m in the presence of an ancient technology that can still help me share my thoughts without the limitations of Friends or Likes; Without the limitations of viewers. The gears fell away and a clockwork rodent scurried away as I grabbed the strangely wired keyboard and enveloped the air around me in dust. I lowered my goggles to protect my stinging eyes and my keys flew across the keyboard as they are now… typing… typing. Putting my thoughts to virtual paper with no concept of readership. The dust is now settling, my stomach rumbles to remind me it is time for lunch rations. I end this post and I will leave this time capsule once more for a snack… perchance a meal. Perhaps I will return and reclaim my legacy.

Perhaps… 2012.

Unmotivated. Still?

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated as you can tell from my lack of posts here lately.  And from my lack of new comics.  (OMG has it really been eight months since I posted a comic???)  I haven’t posted any new drawings or any new writing.  I haven’t even posted any pics of our now nine month old little girl.  Three more months till her first birthday.

Damn… time flies.

Well, I need to get out of this slump and the only way I know how to do that is to start posting.  It may not be earth-shattering (and honestly, when has it ever been here) or even interesting but I need to start posting.  I’m always seeing things or reading things and thinking that I need to post about and vent how I feel about it.  And I haven’t been.  I’m not making excuses or apologies.  It’s my site. *sticks tongue out*

So… to start off slow and to not overwhelm myself as I am apt to do, I am going to promise myself that I will post at least once a week going forward.  I may post more often than that but I don’t plan to post less.  And considering how few posts I’ve made in the past few months, that is a marked improvement.

Yeah… I can do that.  It’s August 17th and only two weeks left in the month.  I can post at least once more this month.  No problemo.

And if I can kick my own ass into shape maybe I’ll even work on a comic or two or do a little fiction.  You never know.

Do you like contests?

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Do you like contests?  I’m betting most people would answer yes.  Even if I know I have no chance of winning or would prefer I not win (which would be wierd), my competitive spirit keeps me coming back for more.  In the realm of the internet and blogging I’ve seen lots of different contests: photo contests, writing contests, guessing game contests, comment contests, etc and I’m sure there’s a million others out there I haven’t heard of or seen before.

So my question to you is: What is the best contest you have ever entered and why?

Garsh Dangit

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Garsh Dangit: Space Ranger.  Hehe.  Sounds funny.

It seems that I never got around to making a post yesterday.  Which is pretty damn lame if you ask me.  Which you didn’t but if you had that would have been what I would have said.  I have a stash of jokes and pictures that can be used in cases of post emergencies just like that but it does no good if I just plain forget.

Yesterday at work was insanely busy.  I had a big implementation of a Cisco ASA 5510 firewall/Intrusion protection/VPN system for an affiliate company and it took much longer than anticipated to complete.  I didn’t even really get to sit in my own office till about 3:00pm when I finally kicked the installers out so I could get some lunch.

Today has been busy catching up on all the things that didn’t get attended to yesterday as well as some things that needed to get done today.  I spent some time talking to the guy who will be replacing me out here in Hong Kong once I leave to go back to St. Louis.  He’ll be another ex-pat from St. Louis just like me and he has tons of questions just like I did when I was planning on coming here.  I think he’ll do OK out here.  He’s got some size 10 shoes to fill.  Seriously, I’m going to leave him a pair of my shoes.  No, not really.  I’m all hopped up on sugar right now so anything I say can and will be held against me tightly and I won’t let go.  What?  Don’t mind me. My teeth hurt.