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Halloween Eve

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

To say that me and Muse have been busy would be a grand understatement.

On Friday we closed on our new house.  Of course there were difficulties and things not taken care of as needed so it took forever.  Our closing went smoothly but the seller’s did not.  Sucks to be them… they should have gotten a better agent.  Ours is great.  Since we had nothing in the new house though we went back and stayed at my Mom’s where we had been.

On Saturday our sea shipment from Hong Kong arrived.  That actually went pretty smooth.  One of our couches got ripped somewhere along the way though.  That sucks.  Right in the front middle.  Good thing it’s insured.  We had lots of family and friends over to help with all the miscellaneous things that needed to be done.  It’s an exhausting process but it was OK.  Our cats were returned to us finally so they got locked in a bedroom while people worked.

On Sunday… I don’t really remember Sunday.  There may have been pancakes involved.  I think we shopped until we couldn’t shop anymore.  Just thinking about the amount of money that we have spent over the past few weeks makes my wallet hurt.

On Monday all hell broke loose.  Muse had an early doctor’s appointment and would be back to the house later in the morning to meet with the movers.  The movers were scheduled to arrive at 10:30am.  I double confirmed that time.  So I get a call on my mobile at 8:55am from the movers asking where we were and should they take the stuff back and re-schedule.  I’m sitting at work at that point and Muse was already at the doctor’s office.

After a confused conversation, Muse ends up leaving the doctor’s to meet them.  I get a call later that the movers are being uncooperative and that one of the cats is missing.  I leave work early and race home.  Tons of stuff gets moved in. A few more broken items.  No one knows anything about the pool table being reassembled.  More chaos.  I end up working from home on a cellular modem which is fairly slow.  Ugh.

Bottom line is that we are now moved in and we have lots of unpacking to do.  Of course Muse is having contractions and can have the baby at any time at this point.  So we shall see what gets done.

And of course in the midst of all that I’ve been furiously working on new comics.  I made the decision to do five new comics for A Little Scary this week in celebration of Halloween.  It was a good decision but I’ve been working my butt off to get it done.  The first four comics are posted now.  Tomorrow’s comic is done and waiting to post.  But I would just read the first four if I were you.  You really don’t want to see what’s in that last comic.  Trust me.

Comic update

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

On Monday, A Little Scary posted comic number 60.  Not a bad mile marker if I do say so myself.  At the end of the month I am shooting for another goal… well, two goals actually.

The first is that the last week of October will feature three comics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to celebrate Halloween.  This is not going to be the new schedule for ALS but it is something I’ve been wanting to try to see if I can update on a more demanding schedule.  I think I can but with moving into a new house and our first baby due to be born around that same time I don’t want to make any commitments I can’t honor.

The second goal is a bit trickier.  ALS has, for the most part, been a pretty tame comic and I want to keep it that way.  There’ve been some bizarre or gross things from time to time because that’s just the kind of person I am.  I have never felt like I was above a fart or poop joke or anything like that.  I relish in the fact that the characters are who I want them to be and they have no shame in that.  And this brings me to that second goal.  The final comic of October will be posted on Halloween and it will be the most disturbing comic yet.  It’s bad enough that it may polarize my meager audience and I may lose a few readers over it.  I hope not, but with how people are nowadays you have to assume that someone will be offended.  I’m hoping people will be shocked but enjoy it for what it is.  I won’t say anything more about it than that.  Even if I lose every single reader over the comic it will have been worth it.  Because I think it’s funny and I am not ashamed of that.

That being said, make sure you tune in to A Little Scary today because I think today’s comic is particularly funny.  And if you are worried about your delicate sensibilities… well… maybe you should just skip the comic on Halloween.  You have been warned.

Number 50

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Today’s comic posted over at A Little Scary marks comic strip number fifty.   This is a huge milestone for me and my pet project.  I never thought I would stay with it as long as this but it’s been fun coming up with new stuff under a constant deadline.  I can also be proud that I haven’t missed that deadline once so far.  Once I started on that twice a week schedule of Mondays and Thursdays I’ve stuck to it.  Granted the times have varied wildly while I was in Hong Kong and then moving here but they are always up some time in the morning.

I need to thank Yoshi from Hello! Yoshi for giving me the idea for today’s comic.  I never would have thought of that if it hadn’t been suggested by him.  Ever. Never-ever.  Thanks Yoshi.

Now if I can just make it to the 100 mark I’ll be all set.  Eventually, I’d like to go to a three days a week update schedule as well but I’ll need more time to dedicate to that to ever achieve it.  And with a baby on the way, I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

Less than 4 days

Monday, August 4th, 2008

I’ve got less than four days till I leave Hong Kong.  There’s way too much stress and way too many things not going smoothly at all.  Things are going the opposite of smoothly.  They are anti-smooth.  This is one of those cases where having lots of money would fix things.  Thus the stress.

The training of my replacement is going well but his arrival delays have introduced even more stress to the situation.  I feel like I’m talking non-stop and gushing information but I’m worried how much he’s absorbing.  So far, he’s still not getting the names in the office right.  I hope he’s only bad with remembering names.  Otherwise it could be a long couple of years.

Regardless, I’m still plugging along.  I’m trying to get a buffer of comics done for A Little Scary so I can stay on schedule during the move.  The Monday comic is up and Thursday’s is ready to roll but I need to create at least one more to make it through the move.

TGIF & a long weekend

Friday, June 6th, 2008

It’s Friday once again and luckily this particular Friday leads into a long weekend.  Pretty much every one of our offices in the Asia-Pacific region is closed on Monday for various reasons.  For Hong Kong and Mainland China it’s for the Dragon Boat Races.  I haven’t seen them but since we’ve sworn off local festivals here in Hong Kong that means that I never will.  And I’m OK with that.  Seriously.

Muse has created a new mommy blog for the upcoming hellspawn.  The title of this new site is Baby Barie.  There’s not much there but she has just started it up so head on over and bookmark.  You know you want to.  I need to get the latest ultra-sound images from her so I can scan them and post them for your amusement.

On a slightly perpendicular note, Muse’s photography site was recently completed and put back into live status.  Go check out ShotSauce for a very small sampling of Muse’s photographical talents.

And since I’m busy plugging my wife (in the internet link sort of way you gutter-monkeys!) I’ll take a moment to plug myself (hehehe) as well.  The latest comic of A Little Scary went live yesterday as it always does each Monday and Thursday.  People seem to like the zombies in the comics so this one should be a treat for those fans.  Sign up for the feed while you’re there so you don’t miss a strip!