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Make your own airplane!

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Generally speaking, I check out the daily feed at DealNews almost every day.  I rarely buy anything but I love the prospect of knowing what all the good deals are at any given moment.  It’s fun and every once in a while you can find something so bizarre that you just have to take a closer look.

Today is one of those days.

Today there was a listing for a complete airplane kit on sale for the low low price of $29,980 plus shipping, crating and handling.  And of course I had to check it out because what guy hasn’t thought to himself at one time or another, “Ya know, if I just had a little plane or helicopter or jet pack, life would be so much simpler.”

So I looked.  It may not be the prettiest thing but it sure looks like fun.  Now if only I had roughly $35,000 USD to throw away on a toy.  A very large toy.  One that can kill me in various ways.  The fun I would have….  *sigh*

Back again

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Just got back to St. Louis late last night after spending six days in New York City busting my ass working with two of my colleagues.  We clocked in over 80 hours to integrate in a newly aquired office.  I am beat.  The only reason I even came in to work today is because there was a meeting that I wanted (not required) to attend.

The only time I got to see anything in the city was when we left the office a little after 10 or 10:30pm on Saturday and walked to Times Square and ate at Planet Hollywood.  I used to think NYC looked crowded but after spending a few years in Hong Kong the busy streets of Times Square seemed barely crowded at all.  Not everyone shared my opinion, hehe.

I’m heading home in a few minutes.  I miss my family and I need a serious baby fix.

Mexico explosion

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Last night I checked my e-mail around 7:15 and saw a message saying that there had been a huge explosion just outside of our Mexico City office.  There were rumors that it might have been a car bomb but no one knew for sure.  All of our colleagues there were healthy and accounted for.  That is a good thing.

This morning we get an update that the office will be closed today.  I’m thinking that it must have been one heck of an explosion  to keep our office closed.  Then I click on the link provided.  A freaking Lear jet crash landed in the middle of Mexico City carrying important government officials.  A jet crashed only meters away from our office building there during rush hour.  As of this morning they knew that everyone on the plane was dead but had no idea how many people in the cars that the jet landed on were dead as well.

Here’s a link to an article and some video of the aftermath.  I’m betting that since it was a busy time of day, that the death toll will be going up.

An update

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

A long holiday weekend.  Time to relax and sleep in and generally enjoy yourself.  Yeah right.

Thursday night, the power went out and didn’t come back on until almost the afternoon on Friday.  We went to bed with the window open and no breeze and sweated.  I barely slept and I’m sure Muse didn’t sleep well either.  I woke up the next morning and took a shower by flashlight and skipped breakfast because we couldn’t open the fridge.

Friday I was exhausted at work and luckily it was only moderately busy.  But then I get home and we have to get packed up and drive 100 miles down to the country to visit with Muse’s family.  Highway 55 was completely stopped in Barnhart for some unknown reason so we had to fight a parking lot of cars to get off the highway and take some backroads to get out of the mess.  Needless to say that 100 mile trip became much longer than normal.

Of course we had to go visit people who are up drinking (unlike us) instead of going to sleep.  We didn’t get to crash until around 1:30am Saturday.  I’m pretty sure I’d only been asleep for 15 minutes when Muse woke me up with hallucinations of a large spider crawling on me.  Which wouldn’t be completely out of the question considering no one had been in the house we were staying at for a while.  But no.  No spider.  OK back to bed.  Another restless night on an ancient and uncomfortable bed only gives us marginally more sleep than the night before.  At least there is some air-conditioning.

Saturday was spent visiting various family members who all live near each other but can’t really stand one another.   It wasn’t horrible, but it would be so much nicer if Muse’s family could just quit worrying about who is screwing over who for what and just get together so we could see them all at once.  I get so sick of telling and hearing the same stories five times because each visit is like another day of Groundhog Day forever doomed to repeat.

Of course being tired and sleep deprived, I really wanted to get out of the country and back to St. Louis while there was still some daylight.  And of course that didn’t happen.  At least we got some dinner out of the deal before we stayed even longer.  Dinner which didn’t sit well with me unfortunately.  But finally we got on the road and Muse layed back in the seat and proceeded to sleep the next hour of the trip home.  Good thing the new car has satellite radio to keep me entertained.  So we got back in around 11:30pm and had to take care of the dogs and probably didn’t get to bed till around 12:30am or so.  And then I set the alarm for 6:45am.

On Sunday morning we got up early and met our real estate agent to view a bunch of houses in the South County area.  No luck.  We finished up and headed home.  Muse took a nap and I joined her.  Unfortunately my lingering cough that I’ve had since I returned from Hong Kong cropped up and gave me coughing fits.  OK no nap for me.  The rest of Sunday was fairly uneventful and we started a big jigsaw puzzle with my Mom and Step-Dad for lack of anything better to do.  Besides, when was the last time I did one of those?  Who knows.

We stayed up late again and set the alarm for 6:30am.  More house viewings on Monday morning.  Needless to say, we were one of the only cars on the road at 7:45am on Labor Day.    We went on a marathon run of house viewings and only found one maybe and another possibly-maybe.  Muse took another nap in the afternoon and I helped finish up the jigsaw puzzle.

Party on dudes.  Party on.

Shutting down

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

The movers are scheduled to arrive at 9:30am tomorrow morning to pack everything up and haul it away for shipping.  Muse’s computer is all broken down already and mine’s next.  I had to look up some phone numbers and back up all my data before the big move and that took some time.

I’ve got two giant suitcases to check in at the airport and one tiny suitcase to use as my carry-on.  The carry-on case pretty much is completely filled with my XBox 360 and Playstation 2 and one of my external hard drives for backups.  That and some towels and t-shirts for padding.  It’s the only way to be sure.

Tired.  I was up till 1:30am last night packing and had to get up early to go to work early.  I was falling asleep in a vendor presentation this afternoon.  Considering they were presenting to me, that was probably kind of rude.  I’ll probably be up again late tonight as it’s almost midnight.  Then the circus starts tomorrow morning.

I won’t be in front of a PC again till I reach the office on Thursday morning.  I’ll try and give another update then.