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Getting pulled over

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Ferrari CaliforniaI’ve had my fair share of heart-pounding, swear-inducing, wallet-draining encounters with police while I’ve innocently been driving along.  I’ve been lucky a few times and not gotten tickets but I almost always got a ticket for something.  Of course that’s what lawyers are for.  But do you know how to react and what to do when you are pulled over?  Ask any number of drivers this question and you’ll get any number of answers and opinions.

Magazine Car & Driver interviewed seven state patrol officers from across the United States to get their take on this.  You can read the full article here.  A lot of this sounds like common sense but some of it I was a little surprised by and I’m sure others may learn a bit too.  It never hurts to learn as much as you can especially when it comes to dealing with the police.

While you’re at their website, you should also check out the pictures they have of the upcoming 2009 Ferrari California.  Freaking sweet.  I imagine I would get pulled over a lot in one of these.