To change the subject

Well, enough of the depressing posts for the time being. Time to change the subject.

As some of you may know and many others don’t, I was laid off from my previous job back in June of 2010. I was out of work for the longest span I have ever experienced and it was tough. Our savings took a royal beating and it is going to take a while to recover. We skipped birthdays and Christmas for the most part.

Yeah I know I said no more depressing posts for now and I meant it. Oddly enough I wouldn’t trade that time off for the world. I have gotten to know my daughter so much better than I ever had time for before. We’ve bonded over that time at home and it has been wonderful. Sure things were rough and even a little scary now and then but that was minor compared to getting to see my baby girl learning and growing and transforming like my wife has had the privilege to experience since her birth.

Being a stay at home parent is hard. I knew that before and this time has only confirmed it. But it has its own rewards. Its own compensation. But still… I’m glad I’m now back to work.

I started a new job a few weeks ago before the end of the year. That was supposed to be the start of a happy 2011 but you know how that has turned out so far. But this new job is good. I like what I’m doing and the compensation is good. Plus its for a non-profit who is making a difference every day for people who need it. What else could I ask for? Well how about working from home? Yeah, I got that too. It’s freaking sweet.

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4 Responses to “To change the subject”

  1. Dominique says:

    Vince: I love your attitude. Hope the hard things will leave you and good luck to come! Dominique

  2. Katie says:

    Good to see you blogging again, sir. Working from home is nice, no? I love it, most of the time. I get lonely some days, though.

  3. Jim says:

    You have that bounce back in your step again. I like that reference to “a little scary”. That would make a good cartoon title :)

  4. No Minimom says:

    Glad to hear you’re gainfully employed! I’ve been following the wife’s updates on FB, but honestly didn’t fully understand what was going on most of the time! Hope you keep your blog more active than mine! :-)

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