Why not?

Tons of money and man-hours are spent researching, chasing and getting chewed on by tornados.  Meteorologists are given useless jobs to predict tornados when everyone knows they can’t really do anything.  The idea of people who chase and research tornadoes is kind of interesting and edgy but what does it really give us?

I say they are taking the wrong approach.  We all know that tornadoes do massive amounts of damage in terms of both life and property as well as lost revenues for businesses.  OK so we’ve established that there is expected to be some damage.  Great.  So next time a big tornado touches down why don’t we scramble a few fighter jets and have them shoot to air to surface missles at the base of that big bad F5?  If the concussive blast from that doesn’t disrupt it then maybe they could also fire an aire to air missle and remote detonate it inside the tornado at the same time.  Disrupt it at the ground and in the air.  Those blasts should have enough force behind them to make the tornado falter if not die out.  The changes in heat in the air should also help.

Why hasn’t anyone thought about this before?

I mean seriously, we talk about fighting these natural disasters but we never actually confront them.  We don’t fight them.  We just have tons of people scurry about and guess a lot while spending money that could be better spent on more important ventures.  And worst case, would testing this theory really cost any more than what we are doing now?

If we could spend $100,000 to launch a jet and three missles and save lives, property, livestock, businesses, crops, and a fortune in insurance claims (if the victims were covered) then wouldn’t it be worth it?  And be awesome at the same time?  What pilot wouldn’t be volunteering for that duty?  Talk about your homeland defense.

What do you think?

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9 Responses to “Why not?”

  1. Abraxus says:

    You’re talking about the Air Force…which is a branch of the Military..they like to spend money. You’d end up with some Nation Wide Tornado Task Force which would take at least 3 years to Study the idea, then another 3 to Test it out in certain areas..then another 5 implementing it wide-scale.

    Then the Air Force would want NEW planes to use in that role so as not to take away from their primary goal of defending America against the flavor of the moment. Of course new planes means new pilots, new training, new schools would have to be built to train these Pilots for their special role…

    LOL this is fun! You should post more things like this! But yeah, I would shoot a missile at a Tornado for sure! Heck..give the Storm Chasers shoulder mounted ones! Who wouldn’t want to be a Storm Chaster then? hehe I sure would!

  2. yoshi says:

    Well, as long as the tornado is nowhere near an area full of people I say why not. I mean we don’t need to actually blow up anything that people are using. Unless of course it happens to be something illegal, or a meth lab or something. I’m sure no one will miss that. Well except the meth heads of course. Oh and the people who own the meth lab.

  3. cybrpunk says:

    Wow, how did my war on tornadoes turn into a war on drugs?

    Based on my extensive research while watching the movie Twister, it seems that tornadoes tend to do their warm-up routines in sparsely populated fields and such so firing missiles should be no problem.

  4. Abraxus says:

    Boy I can see some seriously mad Columbian Drug Lords running around like maniacs while a Tornado devastates their drops until the Air Force shows up and starts lobbing missiles around the place lol.

  5. Eliza says:

    Yes, lets fire missiles at them. It seems to be the answer to everything these days. While a lot can be said for your theory there are, in reality, a great deal more they can do to potentially dissolve twisters. Far less destructive methods. With the track record of the Air Force I wouldn´t trust them not to miss and take out a school.

  6. cybrpunk says:

    Next up, how to stop hurricanes with nuclear weapons! Woooo!

  7. Justin says:

    I was thinking the same thing about shooting a missle into a twister but not an actual missle missle, but a concussion missle. Like the concussion grenades used by the police, military, etc. If someone could creat a big enough concussion missle that could be either shot (problem with ground to air would be the violent winds around the twister itself) or dropped from super high altitudes (a missle/guided bomb that explodes at a certain elivation) I do believe it could disrupt the air flow enough that the twister would die. Only issue with doing that is that you destroy one twister while possibly creating more with the force of the blast. All the air is twisting in one spot (thus moving towards one point) and if you push air away from that point, the outbound air will swirl with the inbound air and possibly creat multiple twisters instead of just the one you origionally had. I guess you could shoot multiple missles to disrupt those but then your looking at more and more missles and a bigger area to cover as the blasts move the different twisters away from the origional starting point. Another idea would be to shoot smaller missles at one point along the whole side of the twister thus stoping air flow at that one point to try and disrupt the tornado before it gets to big. What do you think?

  8. Justin says:

    Oh and a small non-radiation nuke would be great for a hurricane but it would just rebuild as it builds itself from the winds coming down from the tip of florida and the southern winds around africa. Only way I could think of keeping those storms under check would be to… I don’t really know. You could try and super heat the air around the eye of the hurricane thus making all super fast winds shoot upwards instead of out to the side, but that would only be a temporary fix. What about possibly doing the same thing as I said before with the tornado’s and get in the eye of the hurricane and shoot all the walls of the eye at the same time with multiple concussion missles thus disrupting the whole system at once and not giving it a chance to fully recover before it hits land.

  9. will says:

    I think this could be a great idea to try. Either place a sensor bank loaded with explosives. tide to a altimeter. Which would trigger at a certain altitude. or utilizing the military to unload at the top of the tornado to create an imbalance. whould would might not stop but yet delay the storm to miss a town. etc…

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