Hello obscurity

It seems that this poor site has been neglected one too many times over the years.  I have officially fallen into the dark realms of obscurity on the internet.  My stats seem unrecoverable.  No one wants to advertise here even for free.  It’s a sad place to be.  But I’ve been mucking up the place since November of 2000 (wow, almost nine years?) so I don’t believe I’ll be giving this place up just yet.

Today is September 1st and I’m doing fairly well at updating again.  I just need to get into that groove again that seems to rise and fall like a perfect wave.  Once I can get that going I’ll start on other projects again.

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  1. yoshi says:

    you’re doing a real great job of updating. I am really slacking, especially since the surgery, which is crazy since since then i’ve got so many things to say about so many things.

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