Maybe I need a new hobby

I can’t help it.  I’m very impressionable.  It’s not my fault.

I’m the kind of person that drools over infomercials about the most awesome invention to be sold for six easy payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  I am in my mid thirties and still get a little giddy when I see an awesome new toy commercial while watching Spongebob with Kira.  I want.  It’s a sickness and I don’t think it’s curable.

So… I have no idea what set me off this time but I want to sculpt.  Yeah yeah I know, I have enough things that I could be doing and using up my time.  Writing, drawing, playing on my XBox 360, playing on my PC, finishing that Linux box that is pissing me off, learning how to use the storage server that I just had to have.  Tons of stuff.  But no… I want to sculpt.

I have never done it before.  I have no idea how to do it.  However, I feel that I am really good at it.  I intend to find out if I am right.  Or not.

I mentioned to Michelle a few weeks ago – out of the blue – that I thought I wanted to learn how to sculpt.  She asked me what I wanted to sculpt and offered up wood, clay and a few other things.  I wasn’t fully listening.  My mind was filled with classics in Italian marble.  When she finished listing off the mundane I responded, “I was thinking marble.”

“Of course you were.” she said as if she should have known.

Now I realize that it is neither reasonable or financially feasible for me to get a giant block of marble and a few hand-tools and chip out the next Venus de Milo.  I could probably work the broken off arms but that would probably be it.  That idea has BAD IDEA written all over it.  *Le sigh*

Last week I found something more fascinating.  The world of designer toys.

O M G – toys?  Designer toys?  Sculpted and produced in small boutique quantities.  Very cool.  THEY COST HOW MUCH???

Yeah.  I can do that.  No problem.

After a bit of lunch-time research, it seems my medium of choice should be polymer clays.  It seems that if I make what I want with those then maybe I can get them made in a small factory in China and sell them.  Sounds like a plan, right?  Right.

So… does anyone know anything about these clays?  I did a bit of research online and it seems like for what I want I probably want something less soft like Super Sculpey or Fimo Classic but I’m not sure what would be best or even where to get them without getting price-gouged.


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6 Responses to “Maybe I need a new hobby”

  1. Reed says:

    I know a few who use the brands you mentioned and they can be ordered on-line or got in craft shops (Michael’s might even have a night class to get you started).

    Now, if *I* tried something like that, it may as well use Play-doh, it would be ridiculous but apparently, with practice, vision, talent and more practice, you can make some pretty amazing things (again, I couldn’t but I believe you can).

    “I have no idea how to do it. However, I feel that I am really good at it.”

    Go, you!

    I have a friend whose major was Sculpture. She suggested to take a community college Sculpting 101 course. She says look for one that offers something mixed media (wood, metal, stone, clay and light) because that way it’s all built into ONE class and guided. You’ll learn some basics and even get to try your hand at those media to see if it’s for you. Otherwise why try one and then think you suck when maybe it’s just *that* medium doesn’t speak to you? Pretty smart, she was, eh?

  2. cybrpunk says:

    The mixed media sculpting class is an excellent suggestion. I may look into that as well. In the meantime though I will just have to experiment.

  3. Katie says:

    I’ve used both Sculpey and Fimo, and of the two my preference is Sculpey hands down. You can find it at local craft stores but ordering online might turn out to be cheaper, if you can stand to wait for shipping ;)

  4. crockdaddy says:

    Loser …

  5. cybrpunk says:

    Luckily, this is one arena where Crockdaddy’s opinions have absolutely zero impact on anything.

  6. Colin B. says:

    Wow… This is the sort of thing I have no idea about. I was never any good in making anything with my hands. Actually I’m lying, I was pretty good when I was very young and still in school but since then I have not touched clay or anything like that apart from the occasional sketch or doodle which rarely turns out better than I thought I could draw.

    I think you should definitely give it a go! And please post pictures of whatever you manage to make or not quite make! It’s better to have tried and failed…

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