3rd Wedding Anniversary

Today – July 23rd, 2009 – is our third wedding anniversary.  That means that we got married on July 23rd, 2006 just before we moved from St. Louis, MO to Hong Kong, China.  Why am I writing like this and being so specific?  Because it makes it easier to search on later when I forget the next time.

Not that I’m in trouble or anything.  We both forgot about it actually.  My Mom actually reminded Michelle about it which is how we found out in the first place.  If it hadn’t been for that, we might have completely forgotten about the whole thing which would have been kind of confusing when a few family member sent us cards that arrived yesterday.  Meh.

Now the really funny thing is that Michelle had made plans to be out of town this week before we knew it was our anniversary.  Of course she was nice enough to ask if she should cancel her plans but that is just silly.  Realistically we would have gone out to eat (if Kira cooperated) and maybe had a little alone time later (if Kira cooperate) and that’s about it.  We can do that when she gets back.  No big deal.

So, to my out of town wife, I just have this to say:



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4 Responses to “3rd Wedding Anniversary”

  1. tiggerprr says:

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! :)

  2. Rev Matt says:

    Happy Anniversary, I’m sure you’ll have a nice celebration when she gets back.

  3. Happy Anniversary, baby! I got you on my miiii-iind.

    See, there is a song for every thing, lol.

    Thanks, mom, for reminding us…we will celebrate soon!

  4. scrappysue says:

    happy anniversary to you too! when our youngest was 7 weeks old, i turned 34 (i think) we BOTH forgot that particular birthday too. lack of sleep will do that…

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