Joke Day

One day a white lady was making a chocolate cake, her 5 year old son comes around from behind her and rubs some chocolate icing on his face and says, “Look mommy – look mommy! I’m black!” His mother slaps him across the face and tells him to go tell his father what he said.

So the little boy goes to his father,rubs more chocolate on his face and says, “Look daddy – look daddy! I’m black!” The boys father gives him a beating and tells him to go tell his grandfather what he just said.

So he goes to his grandfather, and once again with chocolate on face repeats the words “Look grampa – look grampa! I’m black!” The old man whips the child’s ass with his belt and tells him to go back to his mother.

He goes back to his mother and his mother asks him, “Now, what have you learned?”

The boy answers, “I learned that I’ve been black for 5 minutes and already I hate all you white people.”


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  1. christy says:

    That was funny.

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