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Just got back to St. Louis late last night after spending six days in New York City busting my ass working with two of my colleagues.  We clocked in over 80 hours to integrate in a newly aquired office.  I am beat.  The only reason I even came in to work today is because there was a meeting that I wanted (not required) to attend.

The only time I got to see anything in the city was when we left the office a little after 10 or 10:30pm on Saturday and walked to Times Square and ate at Planet Hollywood.  I used to think NYC looked crowded but after spending a few years in Hong Kong the busy streets of Times Square seemed barely crowded at all.  Not everyone shared my opinion, hehe.

I’m heading home in a few minutes.  I miss my family and I need a serious baby fix.

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3 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Dominique says:

    Here your Hong Kong fans (friend), Vince…

    You REALL think NYC or Times Squre is not that crowded??? OMG… This remind me one thing/view. Many years ago, I had chance going Tokyo on business. People were so nice and showed us the night view of Tokyo at one of the tallest building there (cannot remember the name anymore). I was prepared to see tons of sparkling lights but hang on a might… all I all were red little dots and many many lights.

    One of our Japanese folks was expected me to praise the view but I was rather blunt and said these straight. “The lights Tokyo has here is only half of what we have in Hong Kong…” and I really meant it.

    He went into a deep thought and almost a minute later, he replied. “Seems I should go to Hong Kong and check it out! It must be amazing”


    Vince, agree?

  2. cybrpunk says:

    Of course I agree Dominique. Tokyo is a beautiful place but the night skyline in Hong Kong is even better.

    And yes, the streets in Hong Kong are much more crowded than NYC. Times Square on a typical Saturday night in Hong Kong is FAR more crowded than Times Square in NYC on a typical Saturday night.

  3. Dominique says:

    YEAH YEAH YEAH! I am so happy you agreed. I sound so arrogant when I told my friends about this. They thought I am just just pro-Hong Kong!! Anyways…

    Times Square and Mongkok are unbeatable…

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