Subtle but still strange

I know not everyone believes in the supernatural or ghosts or things of that nature.  I do.  I’ve grown up with it all my life in one way or another.  If you are a potential employer reading this it should have no bearing on me.  Believing that there are unexplainable forces in the world is no different than another person saying that they believe in Jesus or another saying that they believe in Darwin (just go with me here).

Obviously whatever is in this new house of ours is fascinated with electronics.  We’ve lost and had returned a flash drive, a portable USB backup drive and a Nikon flash.  Bit of a trend going on there.

So today either continues that trend or Kira is a flippin’ savant at less than six months of age.

I haven’t touched my computer since we got back from a wet session of garage sales in the rain.  The only one who has was Kira banging on my keyboard while I held her in my lap.  I just came back to my computer about an hour later and this is what I find on my screen:

communication from who?

At first I thought “Oh I know Calc was the active program while Kira was playing with the keyboard.  She must have hit a bunch of numbers.”  Then I started thinking, she can’t really reach the top of the keyboard to hit numbers.  Then I took a closer look and thought – “Is that what I think it is?”

Sure enough, I did a Google search and that my friends is the numerical value of Pi to what looks like 32 decimal places.  Uh… OK.  So of course I went to the other room and asked Muse if she’d been on my computer at all and of course the answer was ‘No’.

So I thought, well…  maybe somehow Kira just accidentally typed in a fraction that some how calculated to Pi.  It doesn’t seem like that is possible though.  According to that Wikipedia article, the trick with Pi is that it can’t be expressed as a fraction.  I didn’t know that.

So did Kira type it out?  No I don’t think so.  She was on my lap and couldn’t reach the number row.  Besides she was busy barfing on my mouse.  Did the cats tap dance it on the keyboard?  They’ve been given credit for some pretty unbelieveable computer feats, but no, I don’t think this is possible.

So if I didn’t do it and Muse didn’t do it… then who did?  And why Pi?  I guess because whoever or whatever did it knew I would figure it out.  I dunno.

Sure there will be people out there reading this who will just scoff and not believe a word of what I’ve typed and frankly I don’t blame them.  I’d find it pretty hard to believe if it hadn’t happened to me.  So take it for what you will.

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7 Responses to “Subtle but still strange”

  1. Abraxus says:

    I scoff! *scoffs* If I see you on an upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters or somesuch I expect a shout out dammit! :P

    Actually the older I get the more I believe in things that are not so easily quantified. I call them my Mulder Moments.

  2. Francis is pretty smart, ya know.

  3. Reed says:

    They want PIE.

    Look, it’s hard communicating from the across the Veil, they got as close to it as they could.

    They want you to notice — unless you want them gone, in which case I don’t suggest “giving them what they want.”

    Otherwise, bake them a damned pie and have a chit-chat. Why not, right? Set up a digital audio recorder and ask it/ them some questions

    Unless Kira really is a genius. If so, get that kid onto thinking about teleportation, would you?

  4. Christy says:

    If I had a presence in my house that typed Pi (rather than the one that just flushes the toilet and turns the water on) I’d marry it.

  5. Jim says:

    Ok , this is wierd. Being in a pessimistic mood I was reading the post, then opened calculator on top of the explorer window to see if PI was a “button”.
    My computer immediately turned itself off, not crashed but the power just went out like someone pulled the plug from the wall. I have an open mind, to things like this – especially in the last couple of years.. I got the message..

  6. Ken says:

    There’s a keyboard shortcut for Pi in Windows calc, just type the letter P

    I don’t think it’s documented.

  7. cybrpunk says:

    I’ll be damned, I think Ken has cracked the mystery. Hitting P while in the Windows Calculator does display Pi. I never knew that.

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