Valentine in White

Looking for something new to spice up your Valentine’s Day date?  Perhaps an unexpectedly romantic dinner out with malodorous side-effects?  Well then, you are in luck.

On Feburary 14th (Valentine’s Day), select White Castle locations will be providing a candlelit dining experience from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  You have to buy the food of course, but they will provide the ‘ambiance’.  How romantical is that?

Sadly, it seems that none of the St. Louis, MO White Castle locations are offering this unforgettable experience.  But if you are in a different city, check out the locations at the official site.

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2 Responses to “Valentine in White”

  1. VegasDad says:

    Harold and Kumar must be excited.

  2. yoshi says:

    I miss white castles horribly. :(

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