Izzard Gives Private Performance to Terror Victim

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Izzard Gives Private Performance to Terror Victim

How freaking cool is that?  I’ve been a huge fan of Eddie Izzard for a long time now but that is just icing on the damn cake.  He is truly awesome.  Good on you, Mr. Izzard.

It’s nice to see somone doing something nice for a change….

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2 Responses to “Izzard Gives Private Performance to Terror Victim”

  1. yoshi says:

    holy shit that’s awesome maybe i should try to hint at michele that i’d love for eddie to perform for me. LOL

    that’s so awesome.

  2. Abraxus says:

    Every so often people rise to fame and power that remember where they came from and what it was like before they had all that they now do. It’s awesome when they elect to give something back to individuals especially those who have suffered in their lives who might just need that little something to let them know that the world is still a decent place to live in.

    Much good Karma to Mr. Izzard for his choice.

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