It’s November and the leaves are gold, red and brown.  It’s unusually warm outside and the spooks and goblins have already been put to rest.  Sounds nice.  And it would be.  Except for that stupid Daylight Savings Time!

One of my favorite things about living overseas was that there was no Daylight Savings Time.  And now we’re back just in time to subject ourselves to this stupid, outdated twice a year ritual of royally screwing up everyone and everythings sense of time.

We had stuff to do yesterday but we had plans to have dinner at my Dad’s yesterday.  We completely forgot about DST.  We were over an hour earlier than we’d wanted to be and lost out on daylight that could have been used working on the house.  Annoying.

Then I was early to work this morning.  Muse went through and changed the time on the clocks in the kitchen last night and I had already changed my black watch I was wearing at my Dad’s at the time of our revelation.  I go to bed and turn on the alarm.  I wake up and get shaved, showered, dressed and go to wake up Muse for her doctor’s appointment.  Only after passing through the kitchen the second time do I see that it’s 6:10am and still 10 minutes before I’m even supposed to be awake!  I forgot to change my alarm clock.  Dammit!

So I was up at that point so I figured I’d just go into work early which is fine.  I’ll leave early to make up for it.  But it’s really freaking annoying.  

The United States government needs to do one of two things:

  • Abolish Daylight Savings Time and quit torturing its people.  We don’t need it!
  • If that’s too difficult for those pea-brains then they need to mandate that every single clock and watch made from now on be synched to the atomic clock so they all change at the same time without us even needing to know about it.  And they need to make a retro-fit kit for all existing clocks and watches.
And since we know that the second option is pretty much impossible… get rid of Daylight Savings Time!  WTF?
And can someone explain to our dog with the internal dinner clock that she needs to adjust back an hour? Thanks.  She’s really annoying and blames us for her starvation.

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4 Responses to “November”

  1. VegasDad says:

    I agree, except I think we should be on daylight savings time permanently. I hate leaving work when it’s dark.

  2. Mutha Mae says:

    Just wait until it screws up the internal clock of your baby. Just when you get her sleep trained and on a good feeding schedule, you will need to spring forward. It really screws up babies and small children.

  3. insomnic says:

    Daylight saving can go away… but it really needs to go away everywhere. Arizona not doing it all on their own really throws things off.

  4. yoshi says:

    I hate DST too. Please get rid of it. kthxbye.

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