Back up and running

Well, it looks like the web hosting move was fairly smooth.  Much easier than I had thought it would be.  I do think I forgot a few things on the old server and I didn’t note my old IP address…  dumb.  I’m hoping Yoshi still has that.

We had our fifth of six baby classes last night.  They show the nastiest crap in the videos and pictures in that class.  To hell with providing condoms or teaching sex education in our schools.  Just show all of them these videos.  They’ll never want to have babies.  Ever.

Tomorrow evening we have our final walk-through of the house to see if everything that we requested has been completed before we close on Friday.  Friday we put ourselves in enough debt to keep us shackled to St. Louis for the rest of our lives.  Wonderful.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes.  Interest rates are higher now than when moved back to the States.  The housing market sucks.  To all of you who told us what a great time it would be to come back home because the car market and housing market were so great: YOU WERE WRONG.   Unless of course you are in the market for a full size pickup truck and a “remodeler’s dream home”.

But hopefully we will be getting settled soon.  Our sea shipment from Hong Kong will be delivered on Saturday and then our storage items will arrive on Monday morning.  We need to get our utiliites sorted and get internet access in the house.   It’s going to be crazy.  And the baby is due any time now….

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3 Responses to “Back up and running”

  1. Rev Matt says:

    It’s important in this stressful time to try and keep everything else in your life calm so you can focus on this massive life change. Unfortunately for you, that advice applies equally to moving to a new home and having a child :)

  2. yoshi says:

    just make sure you get pictures. of both the baby and the new house. :D

  3. crock says:

    Do you need some cheese with your whine? Let’s see .. sold house at TOP of the housing bubble. Uh oh yeah, buying house towards the bottom of the correction. Just think if you had left in 04 and returned in 06 … SHAFT city ……

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