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It’s been really quiet around here lately.  Things will pick up again after we get moved in to our own house.  Right now, Muse has her new notebook setup in a corner of my Mom’s office and my computer is setup on a bench in the basement.  Neither is ideal or easy to get to like we are used to so things tend to slip.  We really haven’t been doing a whole lot of interesting things either.

That Most Recently list over on the right side of the page hasn’t updated at all because there’s really nothing to update.  I no longer have a long commute where I sit on boats and buses for three hours a day so I haven’t read anything.  My PS2 and XBox360 aren’t hooked up so I can’t really play those.  I never seem to have time to play with my NDS or PSP right now.  We haven’t watched any movies and I don’t have speakers on my computer to listen to any new music.  Stagnant.  Hopefully that will all change soon.  Even with a baby.

We are scheduled to close on the house we are buying on Friday October 24th and hope to be getting our shipments from the movers that weekend.  I say ‘hope’ because after several phone messages and e-mail, I can’t seem to get through to my contact at Graebel.  I’ll be trying again today but I wish it didn’t have to be so annoying.  This is not customer service….

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  1. VegasDad says:

    Your lack of ability to read and play games are good practice, because it’s safe for me to say that you can kiss all that goodbye when the baby comes. I have absolutely no free time for any of that. It’s why you rarely read about books, games and movies on my blog unless it’s kid related.

  2. cybrpunk says:


  3. David says:

    Sir, I work for Graebel and came across your entry through google alerts. I apologize for the responsiveness issues and would be grateful for an oppportunity to get this corrected for you. Please either email me or call at (253) 395-0467. Best Regards, David Cox, GM, Seattle, WA

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