Bullseye car

Coming in to work this morning I was starting to wonder if someone had painted a big bullseye on my car while I slept.  I checked all around it after I got to the parking garage and didn’t see anything but maybe it was a decal and it blew off somewhere on the highway.   I’m guessing that must be it.

No… me and the car are fine.  My horn got a thorough testing though.  Man, that little Mitsubishi needs a horn upgrade.  It’s weak.

Turning off of Baxter onto Manchester I’m sitting at a red light.  It’s a two lane turn onto Manchester and there’s a woman in a car next to me.  The light turns green and we both take off and start making our turns.  I’m staying in my lane and the other car seems be trying to merge with me as it begins to be driven between the lanes.  HORN.

On Highway 141 I’m slowly pulling past a woman driving a light colored sedan when suddenly she starts drifting sharply into my lane.  Then she jerks over a little and then back and then back and forth because obviously searching for something in her purse is much more important than driving.  Horn.  Speed past the crazy woman.

On Highway 44 another woman in a small car decides to wander into my lane without looking.  More horn.  More speeding off to escape the crazies.

Come one people.  It’s a freaking ORANGE car!  How hard can it be to notice the orange car?  Just try and look.  Seriously.  You’ll see it.


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  1. JimK says:

    Some cars just get no respect, I had a hatchback many years ago that attracted other cars like a magnet. Then I started driving trucks as a result of my fishing habit and my problems went away. I guess they look over and see that 20 inch rim…..The new vehicles do have terrible horns. It would be nice to have one of those air horn add on kits to knock their socks off.

  2. You just reminded me of something I’d like to blog about. Small, but satisfying… go lookee!

  3. Kathy G says:

    Baxter and Manchester…you live close to me!

    Some days it seems like all the crazy drivers are out. I’d like to think that I’M always driving the same way, so it must be them.

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