Waiting again

We got the written counter-offer on the house yesterday afternoon and the wording had been changed.  Probably not a big deal but it is a seriously legal binding contract with mucho money on the line.  So, many phone calls were made and lots of aggravation ensued.  However, in the end we got what we wanted and sent in our signed copies.

So far we haven’t heard anything back from the seller.  They still need to initial off on the the wording changes to their counter-offer that they verbally agreed to.  It shouldn’t be a problem but I’m getting a little antsy waiting to hear the official answer.

Of course that won’t be the end of it.  There’s a bazillion inspections that need to be done (I think I mentioned that before, it’s hard to forget a bazillion).  Some they have to pay for but most we have to pay for.  All part of the process I suppose.  I’m just hoping that interest rates go down again before we close.  The financial industry is getting scary again but I’m hoping it works in our favor.

Well, we shall see.

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4 Responses to “Waiting again”

  1. VegasDad says:

    Again…good luck to you. I’ve been through it all before. Pay close attention to the inspection results. Some sellers try to hide problems with their homes.

  2. Livingdead says:

    Thanks for making me lose the Game.

    Now you just lost, too.

  3. Livingdead says:

    Totally blaming you for it.

    That’s how I roll, yo.

  4. sounds discouraging but i need to live in a house. i don’t have time to shop for a house. i don’t have energy to shop for a house. can’t i just hire someone to shop for me … i don’t know who told you the housing market is good cuz i don’t think much of anything is good. i went to forest park over weekend and tripped over someone sleeping on the sidewalk.

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