Idiots in China

I had a look at my falling karma score on Plurk and saw someone posting this actual quote: “some very sad and disturbing news from China“.  So I click the link thinking I would see something about a bombing or a murder or an athlete being crippled.

But no….

It’s about some stupid kids who actually decided to publicly display a banner to “Free Tibet” outside the Olympics in Beijing.  This isn’t sad and disturbing.  This is stupid.  This is the kind of thing you do if you like foreign prisons.  The only way that this could actually be sad or disturbing was if the people involved really had no clue as to the culture and politics and thought that they would be allowed to just do this and walk away.  That kind of stupidity would be sad and disturbing.  Them being jailed for a stupid stunt in a country like China is just what I would expect and exactly what they should have expected.

I mean come on… we’re talking about a government and military who will never live down the tanks and killings at Tiananmen Square.  If these kids with their clever little LED sign only get life in prison then they should count themselves lucky.  Of course their parents will complain to the US government to get involved and this will become a media three ring circus of hype and rage and then the American people have “one more reason to hate those evil Chinese”.

What the fuck people.  Start thinking: for yourself and for your own good.

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2 Responses to “Idiots in China”

  1. crockdaddy says:

    Yep … cry me a river over tibet. I am sure that is the most oppressed area in the world(sarcasm). The funny part is, in the same breath those whom cry over tibet and say the US does nothing to help them call G. Bush a criminal for taking Saddam Hussein out ……..

    I am well aware there are differences in the situation but last I checked, that little Iraqi dictator gassed his own people, attacked another country, raped it (Kuwait). Yet we are now the bad guys lol. Moral ambiguity … gotta love it. PS, yeah I think using WMD as a pretext for invasion was a dumb idea ….. we had plenty of other good reasons without the WMD slant of which the weenies cant seem to let go of.

  2. Rev Matt says:

    There’s a thread there where they are promoting a T-shirt claiming the ringleader of this is a POW. OMGWTFBBQ?!?!? Seriously? A POW? The guy is a famewhore who probably doesn’t know anything more about the Tibet situation than that the Sharon Stone told him China is bad and Tibet is good therefore end of story.

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