Work and Cars

Well, it is Friday morning and I’ve survived my first work week back here in Saint Louis.  The jet lag has been hitting me pretty hard as it usually does when I’ve flown back to the States.  But I was doing pretty good yesterday and feel pretty good today.  I’ve had a persistantly random cough of the phlegmy nature since the flights which also isn’t too unusual for me travelling long distances.  The people in the office are a bit concerned that I brought SARS back with me.  I tell them they are just being silly.  It’s Bird Flu.

I’m planning on leaving work today and venturing up into the unknown wilderness known as St. Peters to buy a car.  I’m sure there are ogres and dragons that far away from civilization but there are also a ton of car dealerships so it’s still rather convenient.  I’ve got an orange Mitsubishi Lancer GTS being held for me to buy tonight.  It’s pretty damn nice.  I’ll get some pics snapped maybe this weekend while it’s still all clean and shiny.

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3 Responses to “Work and Cars”

  1. Lane J says:

    There are no ogres or dragons in St. Pete. I use to live in O’Fallon. It can be crazy during rush hour, but as you know that is the entire St. Louis area. Enjoy your new car!

  2. VegasDad says:

    It must feel weird to be driving after so much time riding ferries.

  3. cybrpunk says:

    Well… there are trolls. I’ve seen them.

    Yeah it will be very weird driving every day again. I hope I remember how.

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