I have a cold

I’ve been sick for over two days.  It’s just a cold.  A stupid summer cold.  My nose is either stuffed up solid or leaking like a sewage pipe emptying out toxic waste.  My voice sounds like crap.  My throat was sore for the first day and half at least but feels a little better now.

And the book I’m reading has been giving me nightmares.  And something was making noise somewhere in the flat last night.  Something larger than the lizard that has taken up residence in my bathroom.  I saw him last night when he ran into my foot.  Lizards are nice.  I don’t mind them.  Other things that go bump in the night can kiss my ass though.

I forgot to bring DayQuil with me when I left for work this morning.  So although I’m doing OK since my morning dose, I know that it will be wearing off in a few short hours and I will become a mess once more.  I’ll probably be asked to go home at that point.  Ever since that whole SARS thing, people really don’t like sick people.


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