All this time…

All this time that I’ve been living in Hong Kong, I thought the closest Papa John’s Pizza was in Shanghai, PRC.  I just now discovered, with less than a month to live in Hong Kong, that there is actually one right here!  It’s in Yuen Long.  OMGWTFBBQPWND!

I must have it.  Now where the hell is Yuen Long???

Holy Crap!  It’s almost all the way to the China border in the middle of freaking nowhere.  Ugh…. I may have to wait till I get back to St. Louis…..

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5 Responses to “All this time…”

  1. VegasDad says:

    It’s still closer than Shanghai. And it’ll probably cost just as much to get there.

  2. We probably passed it on our road trip from hell with Greg and Teresa…that is kinda funny

  3. cybrpunk says:

    I think we probably did pass just north of this place. Kinda funny.

  4. Dabbu says:

    Bleh! Pizza sucks.

    Aren’t you surrounded by tons of fresh fish? And rice? And vegetables? All kinds of good things to eat. Why would you want a pizza?

  5. cybrpunk says:

    Yup, tons of fish and rice but not many good pizzas. That is why I would want a real Papa John’s Pizza. Because they are completely different from the normal here.

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