Do you like contests?

Do you like contests?  I’m betting most people would answer yes.  Even if I know I have no chance of winning or would prefer I not win (which would be wierd), my competitive spirit keeps me coming back for more.  In the realm of the internet and blogging I’ve seen lots of different contests: photo contests, writing contests, guessing game contests, comment contests, etc and I’m sure there’s a million others out there I haven’t heard of or seen before.

So my question to you is: What is the best contest you have ever entered and why?

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4 Responses to “Do you like contests?”

  1. Abraxus says:

    Hm best ever? When I was in Boy Scouts we had a Jamboree (Sort of a week long SUPER Camp with Scouts from all over) and during that one of the Leaders asked us all to come up with a Camp Mascot. There were hundreds of entries and some really awesome ideas but my Camp won it with an Invisible Alligator. We made a pretty intricate rope fence that used all our Knot Making skills and even went so far as to give tours and such to the other camps. At night we even snug off into the bushes near our camp, roared and thrashed about. We also got into some mischief on behalf of the Gator, knocking things over etc and we left “Gator tracks” by filling a sleeping bag with sand and dragging it here and there to make ‘Slither Marks’.

    It was alot of fun and definitely the best contest I ever competed in to this day.

  2. yoshi says:

    The best contest ever was the one where I won.

  3. VegasDad says:

    I’m competitive, so I like contests too. I recently entered a Father’s Day “best post” writing contest and won a collection of books. Actually, if you were stateside I would send you one of them. It’s a man’s guide to pregnancy. It’s hilarious and great for first time dads. I’ve been through it all before, so I have no real need for it.

  4. cybrpunk says:

    I will be back in the Midwest in August if anyone wants to send me anything. Muse is there now. :)

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