I dropped Muse off with her luggage and waited for her at the bus stop to the airport. I put her bags on the bus when it arrived. I asked her for the fifth time if she had her passport and drivers license. I waited by the bus and watched as it pulled away.

Now I’m sitting here with the pets waiting for the exporter to arrive. They are late. Soon though, they will all be gone.

I’m very sad.


I’m back from taking the dogs and cats to the airport. I don’t know how Muse did it before. They were so scared and pitiful I actually was crying when they put their cages in the air-conditioned live animal room. There were two small white dogs in crates in the room already. They were excited to see people. Our animals looked and acted like they were being sentenced to their deaths. They were that pitiful.

Now I’m even more sad….

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10 Responses to “Gone”

  1. angeline says:

    Hang in there, I have no words of wisdoms for you, hopefully you all will be reunited soon.

  2. Rev Matt says:

    Wow, that had to be tough. How long are you still in HK?

  3. Abraxus says:

    As a pet owner I know what you mean. I left my cat overnight once at the Vet for spaying and the poor thing cried and cried it about broke my heart. I was about ready to ask if I could just stay there overnight when the Vet guessed what I was about to say and told me it wasn’t allowed. I felt horrible until I got my cat back.

  4. christy says:

    When I moved to NC, my parents were responsible for sending the cats; when I moved back from NC, it was my responsibility and I thought my heart would break in two listening to them howls and cry. (I’m getting choked up about it now, just thinking about it, and it’s been 9 years).

    It sucks to be the one left behind, but think of how exciting the reunion will be!

  5. yoshi says:

    They’ll be just fine. As will yourself. Come play some WoW, that’ll keep your mind off of things.

  6. cybrpunk says:

    Thank you for all the comments. I know everything will be fine. It’s what makes leaving them there bearable.

    I will see them all again in 5 weeks.

  7. They really can’t understand why on earth we would leave them somewhere unknown in a crate. It goes against everything they know.

    It does suck having to be the one to leave them, I wish we had been able to go together. Now you know why I drank several Long Island Ice Teas at the airport bar after having dropped them off. I was a wreck. Swollen eyes, tearing up randomly, and a worried, shaked up mess. I should have suggested a bar when you were through…my bad.

    On the bright side, they will be with me tomorrow. I wish it was already time to pick them up, the hours will go by slowly until I get them. Remember how gut-wrenchingly excited they were to see us when we got them in HK? They are going to be crazy excited.

    The L.A. importer, Paula, called my Dad tonight and let him know they were all okay when she received them. She spent a couple of hours with them before calling it a night and she will be back early in the morning, really early…they have to be back to LAX by 10 am.

    Hang in there, I can’t wait to hear your voice. It is so weird being here. It is even weirder to be here without you…

  8. Oh, yeah. Me and our baby are fine, too.
    Tired, but fine.

  9. you probably handled it better than i, tho that is not saying much, poor little furries.

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