Mixed up PCs

For as long as I’ve been with this company they have been using only Dell computers and servers.  Recently though our parent company has decided that all companies under it’s umbrella must start purchasing and using HP computers and servers.  I don’t mind HP at all but this shift in hardware was not thought out other than to make this mandate and then leave people wondering: How?

We have no corporate or global agreement with HP like we do with Dell.  We have no standardized pricing and discounts like we currently enjoy.  And so far, it looks like the first HP notebook I’ve ordered is going to take at least three weeks to arrive.  Unlike Dell which takes, at most, a week.  Someone should have thought about this just a little more.

Now add to this that we also have to deal with Lenovo on some projects so we have to be able to buy Lenovo notebooks as well.  I just received a brand new Thinkpad X61s this morning (which was ordered one week after the HP) and have started removing the bloatware.  Thinkpads have always been notorious for putting tons of extra crap into their computer builds that no one will ever use.  It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

I just ordered six PCs from Dell last week.  They are all here already.  I think I’ll just worry about HP later.

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6 Responses to “Mixed up PCs”

  1. Insomnic says:

    HP is okay … but something about the way they work is just annoying. In the last 2 companies I worked at that use HP I missed the Dell service, support, and just plain “easier to deal with” aspect. Especially when it comes to drivers and builds.

  2. Kathy G says:

    Leave it to the “powers that be” to institute a policy without thinking it through..

    I wonder just how many opinions they got before they wrote the HP-mandated memo?

  3. VegasDad says:

    I work for a company that has an agreement with Dell. The service is great. Thankfully, I/we have never had to deal with HP.

  4. Lane J says:

    Luckfully, I get to use Macs at my job…but my personal laptop is a Dell. I like my Dell to an extent, but I am excited that it is not an HP or a Gateway. Good luck with the computers!

  5. cybrpunk says:

    Our company tends to make purchasing decisions based on who their client is at the moment. Probably not the most scientific or even sensible way of making decisions but….

  6. yoshi says:

    meesh has an hp laptop and it’s not too bad. It works for her needs for the most part. having vista kinda sucks since she can’t get connected to work, but what can you do.

    I don’t know what I’d do without my macbook though. :P

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