You need a what?

Our company’s CEO is in the office today and there are lunches and dinners planned to keep him amused and well fed.  However I must have missed an e-mail somewhere along the line.  The office manager bounded into my office asking for my baby picture.

You want what?  A baby picture of me?  Those are all in the States and not scanned.  Why?

So it’s something to do with some activity during a dinner.  So I’m assuming we will be expected to guess the employee by their baby pic.  I got nothing.  SO, I decided to improvise.

Here’s the first one I sent to the office manager:

I think my Mother would agree that this is a pretty close approximation to any real baby pictures that do exist.  But this was denied as an acceptable submission.

So I decided to improvise some more.  I broke out Photoshop and got to work.  And ended up with this:
Improvised baby picture

I think that’s the one they are going to use.  Without the watermark of course.  I still say the monkey picture is better, but there’s just no accounting for taste on this side of the world.  Perhaps the hat won them over?

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6 Responses to “You need a what?”

  1. yoshi says:

    Hahaha it’s all about the hat. I have to admit the first photo is uncannily like you. LOL

  2. They are both an eerie likeness to you.

  3. jason says:

    I like the monkey pic. All babies resemble monkies.

  4. Colin Brooks says:

    That is hilarious! And also very random! I wouldn’t be able to respond to a question like that. I’d just stare at them and blink like this:

    I love both photos by the way!

  5. Katie says:

    I like the monkey, it’s so cute!
    Nice PS work though haha. It was totally the hat that won them over.

  6. LOL! Those are both great.

    My old boss, for a short while, had a picture up of the “40 Year Old Virgin” for his office photo.

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