Sunday night and gassy

I found a red Velcro strap behind my computer this afternoon. I have no idea where it would have came from and I’ve never had Velcro straps for my cables before. Which reminds me: locals don’t know what Velcro is. They call it ‘magic tape’ in English and I have no idea what they call it in Cantonese. Actually I did, but I forgot. Not exactly something that comes up often in conversation.

There will be a new comic up tomorrow on schedule (or shed-yule as the Brits here would say) over at A Little Scary. Still plugging along and getting some good feedback so far on that. If you haven’t taken a moment to have a look, please do and let me know what you think.

Burrito (our newest pet) knocked a bunch of stuff of this goofy cabinet/drawer thing that Muse got to go next to the door. My camera was in with that stuff. I know he wasn’t targeting the camera as a malicious act (well he could have been, he IS a cat) but it still pisses me off. Seems like it works, but well have to see if it still takes good pictures.

That’s all then. For those of you in the States, enjoy your Sunday. I’ll be off to bed soon and dreading work in the morning.

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  1. yoshi says:

    Yay new comic. :D

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