Reading between the lines

Have you heard about the 6 year old girl who died from complications to surgery after a swimming pool accident? I can’t imagine how horrible that must be for her family but how about what happened to her? The article says the injuries were caused by “intestines were partially sucked out by a swimming pool drain” after “she sat on a wading pool drain.” THAT is disturbing.

It doesn’t say much more but I can read between the lines. She sat on a drain and part of her intestines were sucked out. Intestines are inside the body… therefore that means that this drain was so powerful that it turned this poor 6 year old’s ass inside-out and then kept on pulling. That doesn’t even register on the scale of things that I would ever have thought possible to happen to a human body.

This was in a wading pool… how powerful of a suction do you need for a wading pool? And if this is the case for a wading pool, what is the suction on the drains of a normal pool? I’ve dove down to the bottom of the deep end of big pools and touched the drain at the bottom before coming back up. Does that mean that I could have potentially been stuck there and drowned? Or worse still had my arm sucked through the grate like a bunch of hamburger?

Obviously it’s a good thing that new legislation is being passed on drain safety but it could be a long time before all the offending pools are found and fixed. I think from now on I’ll just stay away from the drains in pools from now on. Just in case.


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  1. oh how sad — and Intestines are inside the body…? that must be painful when you got sucked in the pool

  2. Christy says:

    Chuck Palahniuk wrote a story called “Guts” which is part of the novel Haunted that deals with the same effect (only to avoid embarrassment the protagonist chews through his colon to prevent drowning). I thought this was a figment of his sick mind. I guess it really can happen…

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