Friday update

It’s Friday (barely) and I made it through a full day at work without having to go to the toilet once.  Not too bad.  However, my intestines are still a general war zone it would seem.  The pizza I ate seems to be losing and another battle is just around the bend so to speak.

We’re supposed to go on a hike tomorrow in Clearwater Bay which is on the eastern edge of Hong Kong.  I’m hoping that we still have some Immodium left tomorrow morning to get me through a 6.5 kilometer hike without toilets.  Hopefully it will be at least a bit clear out so we can get some decent photos.

I didn’t get any pictures in Kuala Lumpur except of my hotel room and that was just because they had upgraded me to a suite.  Which was pretty nice.

I’m starting to think I should never go to Malaysia again….

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5 Responses to “Friday update”

  1. Katie says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are doing a bit better. Good luck on your hike!

  2. yoshi says:

    Well if you go to malaysia just be wary of the water. :D

    The hike sounds like it’ll be fun though. I’d like to go on a hike someday hehe

  3. Jason says:

    Good luck on your hike. Keep an eye out for a nice and secluded bush, just in case. :)

  4. Colin Brooks says:

    Intestinal wars are never good. Glad to hear you’re doing better.

    As for Malaysia, you could try other places next time or just don’t drink the cool-aid. (it has water in it)

  5. cybrpunk says:

    This morning was bad, but one more dose of Immodium seems to have stopped the problem. Stopped everything actually. I had a local seafood meal in a tiny village after the hike and so far not so much as a rumble. I had a double cone at Haagen-Dasz on the way back home too. Still good all the way home.

    Now since we’ve been home… still no poop: good, bad or otherwise. I think the war has just fallen into attrition….

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