Still sick and still have to work

I’m still sick.  I still have to work.  And Burrito the cat got his little protective cone collar put back on last night because of a complication with his tail so all the animals kept us up all night long.  Because they are terrified of a kitty with a lampshade around it’s head.  So I can add no sleep to the above because of the animals and because I would get so thirsty I would wake up for a drink.

I felt like I was drunk this morning between the medication, lack of food and lack of sleep.  And I’ll be working a double shift today while we get all the servers backed up, mailboxes moved to Tokyo and shut down all the equipment.  Then I need to take all the ISP equipment and our router over to the new office.  It’s going to be a very long day.

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  1. I am really worried about you.

  2. Insomnic says:

    You work too hard… you need a vacation.
    What do you want for Christmas besides time off?

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