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Sam Hill

Monday, November 26th, 2007

“What the Sam Hill is going on ’round here?”

‘What the Sam Hill’ is a relatively well known phrase that may not be used quite as much as it was in the earlier 20th century. And I was day-dreaming and thinking about that phrase this morning and came up with the etymology of the phrase. Rather out of the blue I might add. So I decided to poke about on the Internet and see if my theory is right.

Well the closest thing to an explanation of the phrase that I came across was this excerpt from a book. Out of four explanations, none of them is all that convincing.

So here’s my simple etymology of the phrase ‘what the Sam Hill’:
Fancy Englishmen in the Victorian era would say “What the devil?” much like we would say “What the hell?” or “What the heck?” when surprised or confused. OK that is a given. So I believe that instead of ‘devil’ people sometimes said “What the Samael?” Samael (sam-ay-ehl) is the proper name sometimes give to the Devil or the “king of demons” in old literature and some pagan or wiccan studies. So – if someone were to say “What the Samael are you doing?” they could easily have been misunderstood as saying ‘Sam Hill’. Try saying Samael and then Sam Hill. Sounds very close. Especially if you slur a bit as if you’ve been drinking. Which fancy Englishmen did sometimes.

So there you go: the officially unofficial and completely reasonable explanation of the history of the phrase. You’re welcome.

Well, that was fun

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

In an annoyingly painful and forehead-smackingly kind of way.

So the old WP site had to tossed into the air by the King of the Cosmos and blasted with his eye lasers because it had become a large ball of crap.  All because of my crack-addled upgrade attempt.  Thanks King.  You’re groovy.

So here we are again with the basic install.  No fun stuff.  No special themes or fancy archives.  I get to start all over again.  Again.

Thanks to Yoshi for his suggestions and name-calling, hehe.

Here I go again.

Scariest thing in the world

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

What’s the absolute scariest thing you can possibly imagine? If you have an irrational fear of jellyfish, like me, then this article showing pictures of giant jellyfish is extremely disturbing. They’re bigger than a person and weigh around 400 pounds. The pictures were taken off the coast of Japan which is too damn close for my comfort.

One more reason to never swim in the ocean. There ARE monsters.

umm… Ooops?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

A while back I upgraded WordPress without realizing that there was an automated install/upgrade system on my server that I was supposed to use. Yoshi was not amused. It worked but left me unable to easily upgrade again.

So last night I saw that the installer thingy still saw my installation and had an upgrade option. So I backed up some of the files and decided to go for it. And it crashed. Not fully, but it made the K2 theme I like barf up a lung.

So here we are now with the bring old default theme again till I can sort out what happened. Maybe the version of K2 I’m running isn’t compatible with WordPress 2.3.1. I suppose I’ll have to start there. I also wonder what’s up with all those extra characters in my posts that look like capital A’s wearing tiny hats. Obviously, really horked it up.

edit: Well, it’s not just K2 that’s messed up.  WordPress is having problems in general.  Anyone know how to create a SQL query to remove all instances of the funny A with a hat?

Work will be the death of me

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Too busy to post. It’s getting a little tense around the office too. Oddly enough it’s from the management that has no reason to get pissy. They’re not the ones that really have to do anything but pick the colors for the cube walls. Whatever.

I’m stressed and I feel a sick day coming on sometime soon.