Come visit Hong Kong

If anyone has been considering visiting/vacationing Hong Kong, I found this deal today. Generally tickets here are at least $1,200 USD or more and this package even includes hotel starting from $899. Just thought I’d share.

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4 Responses to “Come visit Hong Kong”

  1. yoshi says:

    I think once my citizenship stuff runs it’s course i’ll be looking to come out there. hopefully it’s soon.

  2. rev_matt_y says:

    Believe me, if travel were an option for us right now we’d be all over that!

  3. Jason says:

    My wife works for an airline so we can fly to Hong Kong for only $168. We want to go to HK and other Asian cities, it’s just finding time to go and the cost once we get there. It’s harder once you have a kid and house to pay for.

  4. gail says:

    I visited HK twice in my ‘married and free to do what the hell we liked days’. We were there at the Lee Gardens Hotelfor part of our honeymoon(1988) and then a couple of years later we stayed at the China Fleet Club – being ex forces. Had a great time, especially one afternoon spent drinking beer in a small bar tucked down a side street in Wanchai followed by a long walk back to the Fleet Club, only to discover we had walked way past and were a couple of miles the other side of the island!

    Oh those were the days!

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